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Anroid app that displays PC stats


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I was wondering if you could add to your android app or make a 2nd android app that could simply just display the dashboard from the PC app. I would like to use an old 7" tablet to display my PC dashboard and place that inside my computer. I know you can just buy a little 5" LCD from Amazon and do it but that makes the use of an HDMI cable that has to stick outside the back of the case. Plus I (as I am sure plenty of others) have loads of good old tablets and cellphones laying around that could do the job. I'm currently experimenting with Remote System Monitor which is OK but not a lot of options. I have simply put my old 7" Amazon tablet inside the front of my glass panel and plug it into the motherboard using a internal USB header for power. You could even just make the PC app display through the USB data cable since it's already inside the PC connected for power if possible. I would love to use something like this as I am sure many others would too. Thank you!

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On 6/9/2020 at 4:43 AM, d00msay3r3 said:

After doing a lot of Googling and Redditing I found what I needed and got it working in no time!! In case anyone else is interested here's the forum post.

Yes, either Odospace is the solution or the RemoteSensor feature:


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