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Compatability issues with Asus AI Suite 1.00.27


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when I have Asus Ai suite running in the background and the Aida64 sensor panel on, I get red flashing warnings from the Asus sensor monitoring program even though the sensor panel from Asus is not displayed and enabled. The warnings identified voltage dropping to low values like .5 for the cpu pll readings. After a while my computer will freeze up and I will get an application error warning whenever I tried to launched any program. I thought Aida64 program is one program that Asus approved of. Asus tech has got me to install a patch and the latest version of Ai Suite. Same issues. The m/b is a Rampage 3 Formula with the latest bios. Currently using Aida64 Extreme Edition 1.85

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You can try enabling the option called SMBus access through ACPI (Asus motherboards) in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability. You need to restart AIDA64 after altering that option.

Changing that may or may not help to fix that issue. AIDA64 implements industry standard mutexes to make sure its low-level hardware access features are synchronized with other monitoring software. Asus on the other hand refuses to implement those mutexes, hence their software (AI Suite) collides with other software, causing various anomalies :( Asus is the one who needs to improve their software, but as most big companies, they tend to avoid doing so, and simply state that "You shouldn't be running XXXX other software along with ours".



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Thanks Fiery, it appears your suggestion works. It took a number of attempts before I got the Aida sensor running and working. Now I can have both Asus sensor monitoring panel and Aida64 sensor panel running at the same time. I appreciated your quick help to fixing this problem. I'm glad I took my friend's advise in purchasing this program. The quality of this software and the level of support is outstanding. I understand your frustrations in how some software refuses to play along with other people's software. I remember the bad old days when it happens frequently. I'm glad your software works in spite of Asus' obstinance. :D

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