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CPU benchmarking

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Hello all!

I don't understand the results of the CPU benchmarks. Form other software I know that the result is given in FLOPS for Wheatstone (floating point operation) benchmarks and MIPS for Dhrystone (integer operation) benchmarks. So how to interpret the results in AIDA and is there any Wheatstone benchmark in AIDA64?

Best regards

André Grimm

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CPU ZLib and CPU Hash benchmarks produce a MegaByte/sec result, so it should be easy to interpret them ;)

The rest of the CPU benchmarks currently produce scores, which have no actual measurement unit. The unit could be "marks", just like with other benchmark software. Next year we'll revamp a selection of our existing AIDA64 benchmarks to produce more meaningful scores, e.g. MegaPixel/sec for CPU PhotoWorxx, and MegaByte/sec for CPU AES. The CPU Queen benchmark is a special one, since it solves a logical issue, hence there's no unit can be involved in making the score.

We do not have a Dhrystone or Whetstone benchmark, and we do not plan to implement such benchmarks in AIDA64.



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We don't mean to produce such benchmarks that would be comparable to benchmark results obtained using other software. And our customers demand more real-life application benchmarks, instead of expanding the current set of synthetic benchmarks with even more synthetic ones ;)

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