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Sensor does not work (ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3)


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I just downloaded the trial version as may main interest is setting up a g19 display to monitor CPU/GPU temps.

However, when clicking on Sensor in panel nothing is displayed and when setting up G19 display in preferences it only shows options for CPU usage, memory usage etc but nothing for temps.....

Not sure whats wrong?


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1) What motherboard you have?

2) Did you have an older version of AIDA64 installed on your system before installing the latest trial version?

3) Does your Windows user have administrator privileges?



Asrock Z68-EXTREME7-GEN3 1155 socket

Don't think so


Edit: Just tried Admin and it works re sensor. But when i go back to my game profile (no admin priv) it doesnt work. How would i get it to work with giving admin privelages?

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