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New Feature Suggestion: Write Test Suite

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Hi there,

I like the Read Test Suite of the AIDA64 disk benchmark as it's very accurate and informative, but I'm wondering why there's no corresponding Write Test Suite. Since we have each sub write test it should be easy to implement a write test suite feature. This allows user to completely benchmark their disk performance and possibly use such results as a standard over internet.


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There is a suite of write benchmarks, but take care as it will erase whatever is on the drive you want to test,

I had a screenshot, but am getting error with server when I try to attach it. So in words:

Tools menu, Disk benchmark, should open at the About tab, scroll down in that window.

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Write benchmarks on disk drives are not used by most AIDA64 users, mostly because they erase all data from the tested drive. And also, using write benchmarks on SSD drives will shorten their lifespan. We already have separate write tests for disk throughput and access tests, so you can use them if you need to test write performance.



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