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How To Create Data Model In Sql?

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I'm evaluating Aida64 to use on a small business network and I'm trying to set up report output to a local SQL Server database.

I am able to connect fine to a DB and specify a db instance in database preferences. However, when I try to add reports to the database I get an insert error because there are no tables to store the data.

How do I go about making Aida create the needed tables?

Thank you.


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Hi! Thank you for your help.

Aida64 is great software. However, we will probably not be purchasing Aida Business due to the fact that the SQL data model is inconvenient for connecting from Sharepoint due to the following issues

1) The Item table does not contain a unique identifier column. (Sharepoint requires this)

2) The report data is cummulative such that every update is an INSERT, thus there is no "refreshing" or UPDATE of currently existing reports. This in turn requires data transformating SQL code to pull the 'latest' report and it is expensive for us to produce this transformation code.

We may consider this in the future if new versions support a way to create static reports in SQL that can be REFRESHED without creating new rows. That way all report rows are static and can be connected to Sharepoint/Visio/Excel.

Thank you for all your efforts in creating such elegant software.

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1) The INum column in the Item table is supposed to be a unique identifier column. We also use the IID column there to identify specific information bits, although IID values can be repeated: if for example you have multiple video adapters, you'll have multiple IID = 523 entries.

2) The lack of updating is there for two reasons. First, most of AIDA64 Business Edition users want to see changes between audit snapshots, using either AIDA64 Change Manager or a proprietary query solution. Second, it may raise security concerns if any network user would be able to modify (update) an entry related to his (or another user's) audit data. Imagine a user install a specific software or malware in his computer, and then update the daily audit snapshot to remove or alter the entry that would reveal what he's done ;)

I don't actually mean to talk you into using AIDA64 with all that, I just felt it's best to clarify those concerns ;)



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Thanks for the response.

The iNum column is unique within a report, but it appears to reset itself and repeat from report to report, thereby preventing the table from setting that column as a primary key. We may be able to circumvent this by creating a database VIEW that retrieves only the latest report and creates a concatenated column with unique values. Nevertheless there are maintenance considerations with this. We may consider it in the future.

Thanks for the correspondence. We will definitely keep up with future versions of Aida64.

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