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Question regarding AIDA64 capabilities


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Hi there!

I'm working on a project that requires tons of data in order to statistically analyse them. The problem that I'm facing is that I need to be able to log cpu usage, gpu usage and frametimes. Fraps allow me to measure frametimes easily because I can just start such feature with a key-bind, which means that I get logs that ultimately contain the information that is useful to me.

So, what I'm asking is if there is any chance to do exactly the same with AIDA64. Right now I know that I can log both cpu/gpu usage (as well as a ton of other information) but I'd need:

a) The ability to activate the logging at will (as I do with fraps...so I can synchronise both starts at once).

b ) The ability (this would be secondary...but lovely) to log cpu/gpu usage in a milisecond basis (so, every 0.001 second).

I'm sure there must be some sort of way to do this, even if it requires external programs to work it out.

Kind regards,


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I'm afraid AIDA64 may not be useful for such a specific purpose :(

1) AIDA64 has no FPS measurement capability -- but I suppose you have figured this out already ;)

2) Logging cannot be started with a key combination or via any other shortcut I'm afraid. We may add this feature next year, but it's not on our short-term roadmap.

3) The minimum polling frequently in AIDA64 is 1 second. That is because reading some of the sensor values may take up to 500 milliseconds, so having a lower polling frequency may cause serious issues or even deadlocks. Of course if you develop a separate software that only polls CPU usage, it would be possible to measure that more frequently. Although the millisecond basis sounds a bit too "ambitious" for GPU utilization measurement.



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