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Aida64 Extreme Edition


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We had previously used AIDA32 a few years ago to do reports on our corporate remote PC's. We liked those reports and came back to purchase AIDA64 to start doing this again but I think I may have made an error in purchasing the Extreme edition. We purchased it thinking that the unlimited number of computers bit would cover us for auditing our PCs. I'm now finding, after reading a tad more carefully that the CL features are limited to the Business edition. So now I'm wondering if there is a way to do what we want to do with the Extreme version or do I need to do something different.

Basically we just want to run an audit of all of our network PC's on a semi regular basis, maybe once ever few months, to see what is going on out there. On the AIDA32 we just ran a command on each PC that audited and then dropped a report in the network share. Can I do that with Extreme edition using another method or do I need to go back and get the business edition?



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AIDA64 Extreme Edition is not capable of producing reports automatically, since it lacks of command-line or other sorts of automation. You'll need to purchase AIDA64 Business Edition to let you automatically collect reports of a whole network, put an audit together, and analyze an audit snapshot, or find changes between audit snapshots.



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