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Second SensorPanel Monitor Moving


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On 9/22/2020 at 5:50 AM, SHELLSHOCK404 said:


So when my primary monitor switches to say 800x600 my SenorPanel shifts, the second monitor retains the same resolution. I think I understand this is because the desktop is extended but is there anyway to prevent this from happening or including positions for different resolutions?

Thank you!

What we've found out recently is that indeed when AIDA64 SensorPanel is running on a secondary display and the primary display resolution changes, the SensorPanel position will change since it's tied to a relative position counting from the top-left corner of the primary display.  One workaround for such issues we've found is to move the secondary display to the left of the primary display in the multi-monitor configuration panel of the WIndows 10 Settings.  So when the small (secondary) display is on the left and the large (primary) display is on the right, the position of the SensorPanel will be retained even when the primary display resolution changes.

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