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Aida64 "stress Local Disks" Function Data Destructive?

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Is the 'stress local disk' function under the stability destructive. I'm running raid 1 with RaidXpert under AMD chipset 880g nb and 850 sb with two velociraptors. I would like to stress test them before I put this unit into 'production'. Obviously, I don't want to have to rebuild again.

Thanks much


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AIDA64 System Stability Test only uses high-level file system read operations. It scans all local disk partitions for files, and then it randomly opens a file and reads a random amount of data from it. It then closes the file and steps on to the next one. A separate processing thread is started for each local partition, hence e.g. if you have C:, D:, E: and F: local disk partitions, then it will use 4 threads in parallel to read 4 files simultaneously. It will effectively put stress on every local disk drives in parallel.

AIDA64 only destroys data in its Disk Benchmark module, if you issue any write tests. But, first you have to manually enable write tests there, and even after that you will be warned 3 times before starting a write benchmark. You will have to press "Yes" button 3 times before your data gets destroyed.



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