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Question on logs in general


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I was wondering when reading the logs in HTML will there be special visual cues to a problem? Like a value field will be colored red or something?

I'm reading my log now and as far as I know all the values are well within the "green" however I noticed that AIDA64 will list processes like task manager and firefox on their own lines and sometimes they are green and sometimes those process lines are red. When it's green and when it's red what does that mean? Also if a value is in the danger zone will it be shaded red?

I just need to know what to look for so that I can be sure everything is good.

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AIDA64 has an Alerting feature that can be used to warn you when an overvoltage, fan stopping or thermal issue occurs. The Logging feature doesn't indicate such issues in the logs.

In the logs red process colour means the mentioned process is stopped (closed), while green process colour means the process has started.



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