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How are the reference builds in benchmarking chosen?


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I am tasked to research what 85% of the current market share of gaming pcs is. When looking at your benchmarking test reference builds, it seemed to me to be a good representation of what someone might run into out there in the gaming world.

I expect to glean information from several sources, but if you would enlighten me about the decision to choose to include one build over another, I would certainly appreciate it.


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Our test systems are chosen mostly based on multiple criterias. For example, one motherboard has a specific feature or a certain integrated RAID controller that is useful for development or quality assurance purposes. Also, we usually get only one processor for each CPU core family, so e.g. we get one Conroe based Core 2 Duo, one Sandy Bridge based Core i3/i5/i7, one Gulftown based Core i7, etc.

I'm not sure how well do our test systems represent real-world systems, but if you find the list useful, then feel free to use it ;)



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