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Cannot get Panel to Display


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I have a 1920*480 display which is currently connected to my PC but I am unable to get it to display anything. 

It appears to power on but I only get a black display. 

Here is the display I am using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-8-Long-Strip-HSD088IPW1-B00-HDMI-TO-MIPI-1920-480-Monitor-Case-Aida64-Display/143785453538?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!!

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10 hours ago, mtthll52@gmail.com said:

My mini-HDMI connection is going from the LCDs board to my video card (5700xt).

My main display is working properly and Windows can detect the display and shows it as a second monitor.

However the LCD display is blank / black

Does the board have the necessary input power supplied?

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My apologies for the long delay in response. It has been a while since I've been able to reattempt this. 

I have a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable plugged into my video card. The display is recognized with the correct resolution. 

The power cable is mini-USB which I have plugged into my motherboard. I figured this would supply necessary power.

I have also attempted to Extend the displays. When I extend the display the  resolution of my main monitor changes to the resolution of the 1920*480 panel but the panel still remains black / no display. 

I have tried this with two different panels and boards with the same result. Any ideas?

unnamed (1).png

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