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Just some starter question's.


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I just got AIDA64 Extreme Edition, and my computer has been getting a lot of BSOD so a pal recommended me this program, but the part is im not really sure how to see my temperature, or is there a way i can scan my RAM with the program. Any tips on how i should do this?

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Temperatures, voltages and fan speeds are listed on the Computer / Sensor page in AIDA64. You can use the left treeview style menu to walk around pages.

In order to test your computer's stability, you can go to main menu / Tools / System Stability Test. In there you need to select the subtests (e.g. FPU, CPU, RAM) you wish to run, and then press the Start button. In case during the Stability Test your computer locks up (freezes), restarts, throws a BSoD, or displays an error message, then your computer is indeed instable. You can use the FPU subtest only (and untick the rest of the subtests) to check the thermal solution of your system, ie. if it overheats under heavy load or not. You can use a combination of the subtests (e.g. you can enable them all) to test your system for hardware malfunction.



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ok, well i tried the stability test, is it normal for my CPU usage to be a 100%?

Yes, that's the whole point of it :) It puts your system under heavy load to reveal any issues. Most hardware malfunction (and also themal issues) come up under heavy system load.

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