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Does AIDA64 Engineer Memory test support x16 configuration?

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On 12/8/2020 at 2:58 AM, Jack said:

We use notebook run AIDA64 "Memory test" of "16Gb base, x16" DRAM, but x16 Memory Read/Write result worse than x8 DRAM (-25%), so my question is AIDA64 memory test support x16 configuration? or only compatible with x8 features?



AIDA64 memory bandwidth benchmarks use automatic calibration in order to find the trick on the actual configuration to squeeze out the highest possible performance from the system memory (and caches too, BTW).  It does support both x8 and x16 DRAMs of course.

Your question lacks a lot of specifics, so I can only provide a generic answer.  When you compare the memory throughput scores across different configurations, make sure to use memory bound applications and benchmarks as a comparison. AFAIK neither Cinebench or 3DMark are memory bound, but much rather CPU bound.  If you want to compare the memory bandwidth scores obtained by AIDA64 against another benchmark, you may want to check Sandra -- although it has a memory copy benchmark so you should compare it against AIDA64 Memory Copy benchmark scores and not the AIDA64 Memory Read or Memory Write scores.  It's also very useful to track and note down AIDA64 CPU PhotoWorxx scores as well, since that's also a cache and memory bound benchmark.  Another interesting benchmark to check out might be y-cruncher.

For more specifics, especially if your benchmarks and evaluations affect unrelease or pre-release or Engineering Sample hardware, please contact me directly in email at tamas.miklos AT finalwire.com

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