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2700K CPU and Asus P8H67-M LX in AIDA64


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Hi I am new to these forums but yesterday I installed the latest version of AIDA64 (2.20 beta 1839) and my processor on the sidebar items only shows it has 2 cores. A 2700k has 4 cores / 8 threads. I am wondering if the 2700k being such a new processor whether or not Aida64 has added it to the cpu list or is there something wrong with my install?

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AIDA64 fully supports the Core i7-2700K processor. Please start Task Manager (e.g. by using the Shift+Ctrl+Escape key combination), click on the Performance tab, and count the number of logical processors in the CPU Usage History box. There should be 8 graphs there, associated with the 8 threads your processor supports. If you can see less than 8 threads there, then it means one or more of the CPU cores are disabled in the BIOS Setup.

Alternatively, you can check in the BIOS Setup whether core disabling is activated there.



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