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Fluctuating CPU VID (Phenom II)


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Hi there.

In the Overclock section of AIDA64 the CPU VID constantly fluctuates between 1.02v and 1.20v.

This happens about once every second when my CPU is in low power state, even when idling.

I have compared this with other applications such as CoreTemp and AIDA64 is the only app to demonstrate this behaviour.

Currently using the latest 1847 Beta.

Relevant specs:

CPU: AMD X4 955 @4Ghz 1.368v

MB: AMD M5A97 EVO w/ latest BIOS (1004)

Let me know if you need any more info, and thanks for a great piece of software.

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Such fluctuation is normal, and is due to AIDA64 polling several system parameters (e.g. memory timings, FSB clock, core multiplier, GPU clock, etc) in real-time on the Overclock page. And that makes your CPU to switch back and forth between idle power state and normal power state.

Other, simpler software just poll a few system parameters in real-time, and that makes the CPU to keep working at idle power state. AIDA64 reads a lot of system parameters that uses much more CPU cycles.



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OK I understand that, but I should also point out that the CPU load never exceeds 3% with AIDA running, this is not enough to make the CPU switch power states.

It needs around 20% load to switch from P3 --->P2...

Tbh it's really not a big issue...just thought I'd point it out.

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Please note that CPU load% measurement cannot take very short spikes into account. But those very short spikes will still make your CPU to switch power state either via ACPI states or C1E (Enhanced Halt State). We're 100% confident that the CPU VID detection in AIDA64 is done properly and provides accurate output.

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