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is this a yearly subscription?

Matthew Bamber

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4 hours ago, Matthew Bamber said:

Hi everyone!

Been thinking of getting Aida 64 for the sensor panel but see it's a $40 price? It also says renew so is this per year as it's says for maintenance? Or can you just purchase it once?

Thanks a lot


You don't have to renew your license.  If it works well after 1 year or 2 years (etc) and you're satisfied with how it's working, you can continue using it indefinitely.  The 1-year, 2-year or 3-year support & maintenance period is built into the licenses to provide you with a time frame in which you can receive free updates, bug fixes, new features and technical support.  After that period expires, you no longer receive new updates but can still use the last version you're eligible to update to.  If in the future you see the need to update to a new AIDA64 version because e.g. you upgrade or change your current PC and you need a new AIDA64 update to support your new hardware, you can purchase a renewal license to re-start your support & maintenance period.

There's no rule on having your support & maintenance periods coming back-to-back, so you can even skip years if you want.  To demonstrate that benefit via an example: you purchase a 1-year license now (Feb-2021) for your LGA1200 system (PC).  You keep using AIDA64 happily for 1 year, and in Feb-2022 you upgrade to the latest AIDA64 version that's available then.  You continue using your LGA1200 PC up to 2025, with the same AIDA64 license that you've acquired in 2021.  In Feb-2025 you decide to sack your LGA1200 PC in favour of a brand new, shiny "AMD Zen 6" powerhouse.  The AIDA64 version released in Feb-2022 doesn't support your new PC, but you still love and want to use AIDA64, so you purchase a renewal license in Feb-2025 to extend your support & maintenance period until Feb-2026 and making you eligible to use all AIDA64 updates released between Feb-2025 and Feb-2026.

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