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Killed My Program


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I had Everest Ultimate for less than a year and it was supposed to be an unlimited license. Now, you've bought out Lavalys and want me to repurchase the Key for a 30% discount. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. 1 x EVEREST Ultimate Edition (Personal) 5.x

Ordered from:

Lavalys Consulting Group Inc.


Support information:

Email: marion.roger@videotron.ca

URL: www.lavalys.com

Order #:


Order date:

January 29, 2010

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Filling out that form was where I learned I would be receiving a 30% discount. I finally did get the upgrade but only after writing an angry letter to support. What about people that didn't get mad? They got ripped. Hate throwing a lit bag of crap into a room but this episode kinda bummed me out.

Everytime a user enters a product key that cannot be not found in the EVEREST Customer Database, or when any other issues happen while validating the existing EVEREST license, we always indicate our support email address where we welcome a report of such issues. In fact, when a product key cannot be found in the EVEREST Customer Database, an automatic message is dispatched to our Support Department, and our support staff will contact the user shortly to fix the issues.

We don't turn our backs to anyone, quite the contrary. If you got mad during the upgrade process, we are truly sorry about it, but we firmly believe we do everything in our power to make sure every EVEREST customers are transitioned and properly serviced. It's not our fault that the EVEREST Customer Database that we got from Lavalys has serious issues, e.g. for reasons we cannot fathom a lot of customers are simply not included in the database. In such case further manual process is required to verify the validity of the EVEREST license.

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