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Latest update changed my sensor panel resolution, can't restore

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After the last update, my sensor panel resolution lowered and when I changed it back, the panel re-sized but all the items stayed smaller. Now at the bottom of the panel it says "right click on the panel to add or edit sensor panel items" and that will not go away. Any suggestions?

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The update should not change anything about the SensorPanel. Also when you change the resultion it is not altering the items on the panel. Did you change Windows settings meanwhile, like DPI or related options?

What was the SensorPanel resolution in AIDA64 Preferences before and after you noticed the change? Can you send a screen shot about your SensorPanel?

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i had the same issue without a solution, i'm not sure whats the main reason, but the only change i have made it was to my monitor, i changed from Samsung LC49 3840x1080 to Samsung Oddysey 9 also 49" with higher resolution 5120x1440 and boom the second monitor layout is completely changed scale and i no longer able to fix it. Even when setting the main monitor to 3840x1080 and 100% scaling as the previous monitor, no changes...

aida 1.JPG

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