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CPU, CPU Package etc (Asus Maximus V Gene + Core i5-3570K)


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Which temperatures should I be more concerned about? The CPU Package + core temps or the "CPU" temperature? the CPU temperature is always lower than the CPU package and core temps........ But one thing I noticed with the CPU Package temperature, is that it's always the same as Core #1 temperature. Is this right?

My motherboard is Asus Maximus V Gene and the processor I'm using is the i5 3570k..no overclock as of yet. Also, I've noticed that Aida64 is showing signicantly slower fan RPM's compared to the Asus AI suite II

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On Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors CPU Package + the core temperatures are usually more accurate than the "CPU" temperature, so you can simply ignore the "CPU" temperature.

CPU Package and core temperatures are both read directly from the processor, so it is normal if there's some matching in there ;)

As for fan RPMs, please create a screen shot that shows AIDA64 Computer / Sensor page and AI Suite fan RPM readings side-by-side, so we could compare the output.



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I think you use an old version of AIDA64 ;) Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

It will display more voltage readings too ;) Let me know if it helps.

Ah.. my bad.. thanks.... :unsure: It works fine now though :D

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Hello and sorry for reopening this thread...


It seems i have quite the same problem here but with diff values. Here, i have 50c "CPU" temp and around 33c "cores" and "cpu package" temps. Image will help more. Is there a way to solve this "issue"?


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It is one of the 3 temperatures your motherboard sensor chip measures.  You may want to compare the measured values against ASRock F-Stream Tuning Utility, but I'm sure both Motherboard and CPU temperatures will match between AIDA64 and FSTU.

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On my system (X79 chipset with Xeon E5-1650v2), CPU Package Temp is the temperature of the hottest core. However, AIDA64 doesn't display it correctly. It always shows exatly 5°C above the hottest core. Most likely cause is that it uses a constant of 100 °C instead of Tjmax which is 95 °C on my CPU.


Most other tools (e.g. Intel Xtreme overclocking tool) display this correctly.

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CPU Package temperature is read directly from the CPU, without having to take TJMax into account.

Thanks for the info. I just wonder why AIDA64 displays exactly 5°C more than all those other utilities (e.g. coretemp, Intel Xtreme overclocking utility, ...). It's no big deal thanks to the superb correction feature in AIDA64. I'll do my own research by reading out the MSRs. Doesn't make much sense if you don't have my exact system.

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FYI, on Sandy Bridge-E/EN/EP and Ivy Bridge-E/EN/EP/EX processors CPU package temperature is read from PCI registers, not from MSR registers.  On mainstream Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors CPU package temperature is read from MMIO (memory mapped) registers, not from MSR registers.

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Sorry to bring up this topic again, but I seem to the opposite issue of the "CPU" temperature being much higher than other readings.  Anyone have a clue why and/or what it means?

System Details:
* Intel Core i7 7820X (at motherboard's default clocks/voltages)
* Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 CPU cooler
* MSI X299M Gaming Carbon AC motherboard
* AIDA64 Extreme v5.92.4300

This happens whilst running a stress test:


and of the main window:


Am curious that the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures is over 30C!


If I let the system stay idle for a while after a stress test, this is what I get:



Thanks for any responses!

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