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idea for sensorpanel colors setting, or else transparency, but its probably stupid, so, feel free to ignore it, if its not a good idea...


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i am testing out aida64, and i had an idea for an OSD panel settings update... i know that people have added input here that they would like GIF background and other GIF uses support, but i have a different idea, that might be easier to do... i notice that you guys have a sensorpanel transparency setting, but i was thinking that if i used a program or two i have that will add a video background, or video based widget, like say a logo picture series running in rainmeter, i would like the OSD to be transparent, the only problem is that it has to make the whole thing transparent, instead of what i want which is for only the background to be transparent, or for the background to be completely transparent, and everything else to have a transparency slider, so for instance, the graphs, gauges, and text based pictures and things would be around 10% transparent and the background could be up to 90% or even invisible, in this example... would something like a transparent background be something easily implemented, and would the system usage remain roughly the same if you could do such things???

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