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Two GPUs issue

Vasja Šumak

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13 hours ago, Vasja Šumak said:


There are two GPUs installed in my system, a Quadro P400 and 5700XT. Latest Win 10 x64 with latest GPU and motherboard drivers, as well as the BIOS.

In the overclock section, there is no 5700XT, GPU core speed is not to be seen on sensor panel either.

HWiNFO sees both and all the values that sensors provide.

On the Computer / Overclock page you will indeed see just a single GPU.  You can however monitor all your GPUs on the Computer / Sensor page, Display / GPU page, and also on the SensorPanel.  Make sure to right-click on the SensorPanel --> New --> and select the values from the big list of available sensor items.

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