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Ronald Tyler

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I need some help with this.

I really like the gauge that appears near the Arc Gauge as it details a lot more information that the generic circle.

However, I am really new with this.

How do I

  1. Get the .png files that make up the gauge:  and:
  2. get them into Aida 64 for me to use as indicated below


Personally I am using an external Pi based sensor reading Aida 64 across my home network. All the tutorials I am looking at show how to set it up and create the sensor, but not how to get the customer gauges themselves.


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Sorry this is so late, but hopefully it will help.

For the guages you have 2 options, you can create 16 seperate images and make your own guage... or you can copy them from someone elses sensorpanel file. (just rememeber to say thanks in thier post or credit them in yours).

To use someone elses files, load thier sensor panel and then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\SensorPanel whwere you will find all the files used to make the panel

Once you have the files, select Custome and then in the "States" section load them :)

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