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I need some help with this.

I really like the gauge that appears near the Arc Gauge as it details a lot more information that the generic circle.

However, I am really new with this.

How do I

  1. Get the .png files that make up the gauge:  and:
  2. get them into Aida 64 for me to use as indicated below


Personally I am using an external Pi based sensor reading Aida 64 across my home network. All the tutorials I am looking at show how to set it up and create the sensor, but not how to get the customer gauges themselves.


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    • By 2preludes
      Trying to create a full screen sensor panel with custom gauges.  After setting up about the 10th gauge, the back ground picture and all of the custom gauges disappear, followed by  - Thread creation error: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.
      Is there a limit to the number of custom gauges or sensor panel items?  All custom gauges are 150 x 150 or less and the largest is 25kb.  The background photo is 1920x1080 and less the 1mb.  Gauges and background photo are all .png made in Gimp.
      This happened the first time with the Aida64 Extreme 6.25.5400 release installed.  After it crashed the first time, I couldn't get custom gauges to work at all so I uninstalled and re-installed.  I still had the same problem, so I uninstalled again.  Now I'm running the beta portable release 6.25.5458 and it failed in about the same place.
    • By Vatash
      Custom gauges are not working in the sensor panel.  Default ones are. 
      I made some custom ones where I just changed the colors of the default downloaded ones.  Added them to the custom states.  They pop up for a second then disappear only leaving the icon and text.  Tried downloading ones other people have made and the same things happen.  Might appear for a second then disappear then come back for a second go away again and not come back.  All are pngs as specified.
      Its a 5" raspberry pi screen.
      Was going to use for CPU and GPU temp (3900X - RTX2080)
      Let me know of any ideas to try or info you need.  If its not something off the top of my head have to respond after work.
      So far really disappointed.  Wanted to make some custom files, I do not like the defaults.
    • By gbubrodieman
      I have several images and several come and go.  I did notice when I have the SensorPanel Manager open and hit export they all come back.  If I hit cancel some go away again.  I attached a GIF of the issue

    • By Ben10lightnin
      I have set all of my custom gauge states but the gauges just randomly disappear on my sensor panel leaving only the number, is there a fix to this?
    • By FoX
      Hi, i have the following problem that when I insert a png image on the sensor panel that it comes to an error.
      I do not know if there are certain requirements for the insertion. Or wheter you can increase it ?
      Image for the  error 

      best regards 
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