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Can't install RivaTuner


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I made a costum sensor panel and wanted to try it out so I wanted to install RTSS but when I try to install it, it aborts the installaion because "rtss is currently active". I don't know what to do now. I close eveything I can think of, rebooted the pc but still the same issue. I've read that I should close all applications that are hooked with rtss but I can't think of any apps to close now xD 

Hope someone can help ^^


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Install and Configure RTSS. Download the latest stable release of MSI Afterburner bundled with RTSS. Install the tool and be sure to select RivaTuner Statistics Server when you are prompted to choose components during the mybkexperience installation. Open MSI Afterburner and dial in the overclock settings for the GPU. You can also check this youtube video


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