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Corrections: more mathematical options between the sensors?


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Modern systems have many similar components such as SSDs, HDDs, Cores, etc. Output to OSD or external applications of a large number of parameters from the same type of devices is inconvenient (for example: the temperature from 3 SSDs installed in one place - will have 3 similar values). I suggest adding more math options in Preferences->Corrections:

+, -, *. / between the same types of sensors.


e.g. (1): I`ve 2 SSD or 2 HDD in RAIDs and I want average:

I select t° from SSD 1, t° from SSD 2... t°8

(t°1 + t°2+...t°n)/n=new Tgen. - on OSD, External, SP, etc.


e.g.(2): I`ve 2 or more of power sensors (e.g CPUs and GPUs) and I want to see the "general" power:

I select power sensor 1, 2...8

p1 + p2+...p8=new Pgen. - on OSD, External, SP, etc.

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