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L3 cache disabled? (Core i5-3550)

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Hi. I'm so sorry for my ignorance about this subject. But I'm seeing in AIDA64 that my CPU has not enabled the L3 cache, and it should be enabled. I have a Intel Core i5 3550 processor, and the board is a ASUS P8Z77-V. In AIDA64 Extreme Extreme Edition (the last version) under (Computer / DMI / Caches / L3-Cache) it shows:

Cache Properties

Cache Properties

Type Internal

Status Disabled

Maximum Size 6144 KB

Installed Size 6144 KB

Error Correction None

Socket Designation L3-Cache

Anyone knows why? Thank you.

If anyone here using any ivy bridge cpu test.


damm i messed up the heading of the thread.xD

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You can check the L3 cache performance using AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark (AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / Cache & Memory Benchmark). In case your processor have L3 cache enabled, you will see it evaluated there ;)

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