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fixed: AIDA64 freezes on Sensor page [partly solved, GPU related?]

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Hello there;

I came here to post my experiences with AIDA64 and my latest (new) computer setup:

Core i5 2500k

Gigabyte p67-d3-b3

8GB Corsair XMP3 (2x 4GB)

AMD Radeon 7750

WDC Harddrive (Caviar Blue, 500GB)

ALRIGHTY, after all this I'll fet started:

A while ago I built this system, but had a different graphics card, HD 5750.

Then I upgraded to the 7750, no problems.

AIDA64 (2.20) suddenly, over night, decided to not allow me to get to the Sensors page anymore, freezing SOLID and only letting me move the mouse cursor ever 8-10 seconds, and that even not controllable, more like erratically. So shutting the program down/doing ANYTHING was impossible.

I don't KNOW for a fact if this started with my botched Max Payne 3 installation (due to my Antivirus it Bluescreened me a couple of times, and in the end I had to flatten my HDD and reinstall windows, that's right), since shortly before that AIDA64 was OK. But all traces of that game are gone COMPLETELY, I even went as far as snapping the disc #1 in half, that's how mad I was.

SO anyway;

after a reinstall I used the latest (12.3 back then) Catalyst Drivers, and all was fine. But AIDA64 STILL did the freezing thing, so TODAY I REINSTALLED AIDA64 and took a closer look;

##My System was OC'd to 3.9GHz (yeah only 0.6GHz over stock, but for me it is overclocking nontheless), so ALL back to default - NO CHANGE(!)

##UNPLUGGED everything that was connected via USB (Backup HDD and stuff) - NO CHANGE(!)

##Disabled ALL "Stability Settings" in AIDA64 - lookie yonder, NO FREEZING, but NO Sensor info and a bunch of stuff is missing, like Smart - little wonder, I TURNED IT OFF, so dont nobody point me that direction, I KNEW IT WAS TURNED OFF, I did it myself!

##REENABLED SETTINGS ONE BY ONE - wait for it:::::

Turning "GPU sensor support" to ON causes the freeze on Sensor Page.

Turning ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to OFF, lookie there, NO FREEZES.

I am still puzzled at WHY only the GPU sensor support seems to cause that, since my computer just one hour ago ONCE in ALL THE TIME RUNNING froze up for about 5-7 seconds like in AIDA64 (was opening MINI BRIDGE in Adobe Photoshop, may be related to that).

I'm now putting my OC back on, and my HDD's and whatnot USB Stuff back in, and come back.

Then I'm going to (just testing) turn GPU sensor support back ON and hit the "Sensors tab" right away - I can already smell the computer freezing and lagging out.

So, as I wrote in the title, I "solved it" myself, and wanted to let people know that it could ALSO be that Setting causing similar freezes.

I'll report back, but not today, pretty tired right now, it's late too.

But IF all of a sudden AIDA64 freezes up AGAIN, even with the setting OFF, I'll report back immediately.


Set everything back to the way I had it BEFORE testing (slight overclock, HDD's plugged in and stuff), as I promised, and see there - no freezes/lockups UNLESS I turn that ONE option on (GPU sensort support). Now I know it's not my system (at least not the drivers for the rest of the sys and my hardware itself), but something conflicting between the Catalyst GPU driver and AIDA64. What's also notable is that with the HD 7750 card I had no real problems, but the drivers aren't that "well made", since there's been alot of reports of People gaming and having white blocks and other glitches only with this or similar cards - the quality (and especially the compatibility and qualitycontrol) of videocard drivers has been degrading over the past years, Nvidia or AMD, all the same, they need to release a hundred beta and RC versions to make ALL of their cards stable on ALL systems.

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We've recently fixed a few major issues about Radeon HD 7xxx cards in AIDA64. So make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works ;)



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Ok, Fiery, I'll try that, but not right now, I'm busy doing stuff and restarting the pc will make me restart from scratch.

On the other hand, I just needed AIDA for my OC'ing, and I got the System rockstable using other programs which is sad, since AIDA always satisfied my needs. BUT I will give it a try, later the weekend.

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Okay, nevermind. All of a sudden, for no reason, after using the latest build of Drivers from ATI/AMD, it starts to mess up again - freeze, mouselag upon entering the Sensors page. But even worse, it also does the same after Aida just boots up; I threw out the AMD card (yeah, I had a lot of problems with Skyrim and other games using ANY AMD card, 5450, 5670, 6850, 7750, no use, they all do the same lagging stuff) and got meself a GTX560 -> ALL problems solved. No game lags anymore, no more freezing in AIDA. I think it is my complete Setup, AMD cant get their drivers optimized, because with my old System (Core 2 Quad, some MSI mainboard I dont remember), I had no problems at all. So, um, everybody, get rid of AMD and buy Nvidia, that will teach AMD to not care about us users. I tried contacting them thousands of times, but aside from "Make sure you get the latest drivers" and "Reinstall your windows or restore to the last restore point", no good answers. Problem solved, entirely. Thank you Aida, you are awesome.

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