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I want to stress test only my memory. I changed the amount to 100% ram and was wondering how long I need to test before it can be called stable.


Edit: Come to think of it, it would be nice to know this answer for each of the stress tests.

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No, it's not possible to identify the source of errors. When you read from the memory, the data gets into one or more of the CPU caches first, then the CPU processes the data, so even if you find a CRC error, it is not possible to tell where the data went wrong.

When there's a hardware failure, we usually recommend to set back things to factory default settings (avoid any sort of overclocking), update the BIOS to the latest one, update drivers to the latest ones, and if possible, reinstall Windows. If that still doesn't help, then you'd start with trying another set of memory modules, and then a new PSU. In most cases that procedure reveals the source of the problem.

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