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Hardware monitoring performance Bug with NZXT sensor


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NZXT X73 AIO was installed in my PC. AIDA64 is version 6.60.5923 (latest).

I've set the update frequency of "Sensor" page to 1000ms in AIDA64. But the "Sensor" page and LCD update the data at least 3 sec., some times more than 5 sec.

After some tests, I found it was related with NZXT AIO sensor. The following are my test cases.

Case 1,

1. Close NZXT CAM and AIDA64

2. Open AIDA64 and go to the Sensor page. The liquid temp. and pump speed of NZXT X73 would be shown in the page.

The page data was updated much longer than 1 sec (I set in preferrenes)


Case 2,

1. Close NZXT CAM and AIDA64

2. Open NZXT CAM first and wait until it launched the home page.

3. Open AIDA64 and go to the Sensor page. This time you would found there's no NZXT X73 sensor data in the page, because NZXT CAM was monitoring itself.  Now the Sensor page and LCD update the data every 1 sec. as set. 


So I think the monitoring data updating is blocked by NZXT sensor.

This bug effects low update frequency on my monitoring LCD and the Sensor page.

Would you please help to fix the bug or add an option to disable monitoring NZXT sensors in AIDA64?

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