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I have the same problem as IronOX except my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 with an AMD FX4100 quad core 4x 3.6GHz the core readings are all shown as being between 3°C~5°C some times it fliks up to 37°c for a few seconds which would be about right with my 5 x 120x120 mm fan cooling system. The other problem ie that the CPU speed is shown as 1409MHZand the multiplier at 7x and the FSB as 201.3~4 the multiplier also flicks up to 18.5x them the CPU speed is shown as 3745MHZ or so which also would be close to what it should be. Since reading through the two Quick reports I have generated I have noticed that the GPU and Memory clocks do not seem right either. the Quick reports being Sensors and Overclock .

Ok I hope somebody can help me sort out this problem.

Thanks in advance. Lenman

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Several AMD Trinity (A-Series) and Zambezi (FX-Series) processors feature a flawed core diode sensor that provides incorrect (unrealistically low) temperature values when the processor is not hot (e.g. at idle). We cannot fix that hardware flaw from our software :(



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Ok Fiery, IF that is the case should I send the CPU back to the supplier(it it still under guarantee for another 18 months). The only thing that bothers me is that my wifes computer has the same CPU, but with a GA-970A-UD3 motherboard Windows XP SP3, and that shows the correct readings. I did however buy that CPU a month or so later so they may be from a different batch.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Best Regards,


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If you want, you can send back your CPU, but I cannot guarantee that a replacement part would be any better...

HI Fiery I will do it anyway and see what happens because as I said my wifes computer gives all the right readings from the same CPU just a later batch. Certainly by serial numbers that seems to be the case.

Thank you.

Best Regards ,Lenman

P.s i will let you know if was or was not successful.

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