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AIO Pump Sensor not found by AIDA but seen by other 3rd party software - ASUS Z590-I motherboard

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Having trouble getting the pump header seen at all within AIDA64 Extreme.
The AIO Pump header IS working because the motherboard monitor and ASUS AI Suite are reporting RPMs of the pump. I've have installed another piece of software to control fans and it scans and successfully finds the Pump header (as well as displays RPM and allows control) so I'm not sure that there is an issue with the mobo or signal but rather something specific within AIDA64 Extreme.

For what it's worth, I am running AIDA64 Extreme on another PC with an ASUS mobo and the pump is detected just fine. 
Both computer have Embedded Controller (EC) support and Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching enabled within Stability yet AIDA 64 does not detect this header.

Any thoughts? 


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