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System Stability Test--identify failure


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A question please-- when using the system stability test to proof an overclocking on a system, if the stability test window turns red and reports a hardware issue, is there a way to identify what specifically failed or went outside of tolerance during the test?


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There's no way to tell which exact component is behind the failure. In most cases however it is caused by either the PSU, CPU or RAM. Also, you gotta make sure the hardware failure is not caused by overheating, so it's best to watch the temperature graphs and the throttling graph. If temperatures are not too high, then at least you could easily rule out overheating.

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Thanks for the information! I think that would be a very useful feature to add by the way: logging the reason(s) the stability test failed.

Actually, there's no way to know, detect or "sense" which component is behind a computational failure. If you look at the way data is processed by the processor, a glitch could be anywhere inside the CPU or RAM. And a failing (weak) PSU could cause a range of issues due to providing unreliable voltage rails that may cause glitches in any part of the computer that uses electricity :)

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