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Hi, new here, long time user of Aida64. This seems to be a great helping community. Recently I started having a problem with sensor measurements in AIDA (that is a couple months ago), the sensor plots would just freeze and no longer measure, then unfreeze, measure again, and so on, sometimes causing AIDA to crash if I went into the stability test graph preferences. Thinking it could be a driver problem (had installed ET6 at the time) as the mobo measures are absolutely fine, I formatted my computer (It needed anyway) and it seemed fine.

All of a sudden it started doing it again. I hadn't installed EasyTune or anything, it just started again. I could do stress tests and the temperatures/measures would just (and do sometimes!) sit there, frozen, but the fans were managed correctly, which meant the BIOS was doing its job. After a while, I upgraded to the latest AIDA64 beta version which seemed to miraculously fix the problem, great! Then I installed EasyTune again, and it started happening again, so I uninstalled it. But there's one curious thing, other sensor softwares also have errors of their own, sometimes not showing core temperatures, or ignoring CPU or GPU temperatures, or giving wrong voltages. I'm not sure what's going on but when the freezing happens, the sensor debug logs show the correct values in the Gigabyte TAMG section, so all is working internally, now it's up to Windows to know what the hell is going on, as sometimes it works, others it doesn't, and while it seems EasyTune related, it doesn't at the same time!

Any help? And hope my huge wall of text was understandable, my mother-tongue isn't English.

Edit: Here's the ISA sensor dump. The EasyTune part shows one temperature (frozen), the TAMG shows the current. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14596765/isasensordump.txt

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It could be due to a background process, service or driver that also polls motherboard sensors, and collides with AIDA64 and other monitoring software as well. Maybe even though you uninstall ET6, some components (a service or a driver) are still left installed. If those components are still running hidden in the background, they can still collide with AIDA64 :(

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