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Asus P6X58D Premium wrong readings of CPU Temperature Sensor


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I have a problem with wrong readings of CPU Temperature Sensor in AIDA64 Extreme Edition 2.60.2100 (or 2108, or 2139).

After launching of Windows 7 64bit the temperature readings are CPU 25° – 27°. That is about 10° lower, than the readings in BIOS.

After the launching of the contextual menu program «Copy Debug Info to Clipboard» or launching of the Asus AI Suite readings become correct 36° - 42°.

Could you please help me with solving this problem.


CPU Type HexaCore Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, 3333 MHz (25 x 133)

CPU Alias Gulftown

CPU Stepping B1

Motherboard Name Asus P6X58D Premium

Bus Type Intel ESI

Motherboard Chipset X58

BIOS DATE: 05/10/11 10:28:31 VER: 08.00.15

post-3606-0-25457700-1349900984_thumb.jpg post-3606-0-51526900-1349900993_thumb.jpg

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On your motherboard AI Suite reconfigures the sensor chip, effectively altering the CPU temperature readouts. We used to have a workaround in AIDA64 for that situation, but it caused a lot of confusion amongst AIDA64 users, so we've removed it.

Please note that the lower temperatures (that AIDA64 shows before running AI Suite) are the ones measured by the sensor chip, so we would treat them as the "real" ones actually... :)



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That's because if you have AI Suite installed, debug information will issue an ATKEX call for AI Suite to send the sensor info it measures to AIDA64, so AIDA64 could insert it into the debug output. When the ATKEX call is issued, AI Suite reconfigures the sensors on your motherboard.

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