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Benchresults import on update

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I have a large own benchresults for different configurations in old version 1.60.1300. Today I have moved to a new version of AIDA64, but this new version didnt picked up my benchlist.

Main goal in upgrading version was the fact that v1.60.1300 does not display name of new mobos correctly - just <unknown>.

How to import oldlist to a new version? Simple editing xml stricture does not helps - crc protects results.

However i can copy new files (aida_bench32.dll, aida_bench64.dll, aida_cpuid.dll, aida_diskbench.dll) to the old directory, but this is not a "clean" solution and program remains outated(

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When you run a benchmark, AIDA64 always warns you that:

"Please note that results obtained with different versions of AIDA64 cannot be compared. FinalWire constantly improves and optimizes benchmark routines and implements new technologies to provide you with the most accurate and highest benchmark scores."

Hence you cannot re-use old benchmark results, simply because those old scores cannot be compared to ones you obtained with a newer AIDA64 release.

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Some of the benchmark results may be the same on some of the systems out there. We don't revamp all benchmarks at every stable releases of course: there's no point and there's no resources to do so. But for example, at the next AIDA64 update we are planning to completely drop the current PhotoWorxx benchmark and AES benchmark, and replace them with brand new ones that produce very different scores (with even different measurement units). Same goes for the next version after that where we want to drop all current memory benchmarks and replace them with more modern, more efficient ones.

Not to mention supporting new architectures where we constantly work on implementing newer and even smarter tricks to squeeze a bit more out of the system than before. E.g. if you measure an AMD Trinity system with an older version of AIDA64, you will get much lower scores than with the latest AIDA64 (v2.60).

It's not easy to assure consistent benchmark results across the whole range of systems AIDA64 is capable of benchmarking (from the very first Pentium-60 and K5-75 to the latest Core i7 and FX processors). And we can only do that if you stick to the rules of comparing results only if they are obtained by the same AIDA64 release.

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Hardware database is not stored in a DLL, and the layout of that database sometimes changes, so it's not a good idea to port the database between AIDA64 versions. Also, it's not just the database that changes, but the detection engine itself that is embedded in the main binary (AIDA64.EXE). So I'm afraid you cannot make an old version compatible with new hardware.

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