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  2. FIXED. i removed WD Program, after Disk Activity monitoring is workijng
  3. There are some other sensors but I'll stay focused on this one before moving on
  4. Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 TI O11G Aida 64 Extreme Version 6.00.5100
  5. Hello. I ran Aida64 with default cpu, fpu, cache, and system memory check and ran it for 1 hour and 4 minutes then suddenly the test stop with this red message said, "Warning: Hardware failure detected! Test stopped" but system is stable????? How to fix this issue? Ryzen 7 3700x 4x8GB DDR4 @ 3200mhz XMP RGB Patriot Ram ASUS X470F mobo
  6. Hi, 1) How can I check the voltage of the CMOS baterry, without extracting it from the PC ( a software )? 2) The steps to replace a CMOS baterry ? How I extract it from the PC ? Thank you
  7. Ok, after a restart I noticed I lost the PCH and VRM temperatures I was also monitoring. Makes sense, I guess, and it's not a biggie. One question out of curiosity, though: with EC polling enabled, LatencyMon reports nvlddmkm.sys as the driver with highest reported DPC routine execution time (which does not happen when EC polling is disabled in Aida). Why nVidia's driver? Does the latency go sky high due to a conflict between nVidia's Kernel mode driver and Aida64 (e.g.; both polling the same thing at the same time)? If so, who is doing it wrong (or is it Asus fault)? Also, any idea why this happens on *some* Asus motherboards but not others (according to you)? The Asus Maximus XI Formula is neither old nor low-end.
  8. What GPU do you have, and what version of AIDA64 are you using?
  9. i have 5 Disk(2 SATA SSD, 1 M.2 SATA SSD, 1 USB HDD, 1 Internal HDD ) And My windows is installed in M.2 SATA SSD(Disk 3) (Disk 3 is showing "Disk 4" in AIDA64) in AIDA64 LCD Monitoring, only showing DISK 4 Activity, write speed, read speed. but i cant see other disk activity. This happened when I changed the Windows installation disc. before, Windows10 in SATA3 SSD after, migration SATA3 SSD -> M.2 SATA SSD. how can i fixed this bug? I searched the forum but my problem seems to be the first. cpu: i7-9700K motherboard: Z390 AORUS Mater gpu: gtx1080ti ssd: WD 2TB Blue 3d m.2 / Hdd: TOSHIBA 2 TB / s100 240gb ssd / apacer 240gb ssd ram 16gb corsair windows10 1903
  10. Hey there everyone. Having a bit of trouble with the sensor panel using AIDA64 Extreme. Not all sensors are listed. Things like GPU Utilization are not listed (even though when I'm using GPUZ every sensor is listed). Using CPUID HWMonitor It has all the sensors I'm looking for. I'd like to use the AIDA64 extreme sensor panel on a small 5 inch display off to the side in order to monitor my system/hardware. Are there any steps I could take or information/pictures I can provide in order to help solve this issue? Thanks in advance for the help. Really stuck here.
  11. Ok i get it now.. at first I was like "that option has been there for a long time" .. Then I figured out what you did. Alignment is not new, but what you did add is a new option within the dropdown called Justified which justifies the title and value separately. Thank you for adding this, much appreciated!
  12. Yesterday
  13. I have changed the ram speed to 3000Mhz and after 1.30h nothing crashed.
  14. PC spec and devices: https://imgur.com/a/Wh4tvOE Nothing is overclocked, well only RAM with XMP profile to 3200 MHz. Ram is Hyper X Kingston DDR4 3200Mhz 16 GB and mobo is Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra Gaming. CPU is Ryzen 7 2700x and GPU is GTX 1080 8 Gb Vram. So I have made a stability test and after some time the app crashed, is it my PC or what? AIDA64 Images: https://imgur.com/a/t9j56a7 Report AIDA 64.txt Report Tests Aida 64.txt
  15. Of course the info changes, but when it is left aligned, the whole OSD doesn't shift. I have a bunch of info all left aligned on the left side of my second monitor, which is to my right. I made it right aligned and put it to the right side of that monitor and the whole column shifts any time there is info changing. It isn't something that happens the other way.. Maybe over explaining it...i don't have any capture software installed or I would make a little vid. Perhaps a phone cap would be useful if all of this still sounds goofy.
  16. Last week
  17. Yessir, this is what AMD said at least, they mentioned that they would be trying to work with or at least release documentation to more closely show this behavior in 3rd party monitoring apps, is this something you guys have gotten wind of or is it possible to implement at all? its not a huge deal, i just aesthetically dont like seeing the super spiky behaviour, not to mention it can make it harder to read the graphs. during load its absolutely fine as you would expect, its really just the idle behaviour with the whole race to idle thing. if theres any possibility of a short rolling average that would be awesome!
  18. We reckon there're different methodologies to measure the core temperature of Matisse processors, and both Ryzen Master and AIDA64 are right about the temperatures. They just indicate a different value because Ryzen Master computes and average reading during a short timeframe, while AIDA64 shows the immediate reading at any given time point.
  19. Using the FPU subtest alone is important too, since it's vital to see whether the system can work at peak power draw and highest thermal state regardless of whether it is overclocked or not. GPU subtest is a strange beast, since it uses OpenCL and so it consumes quite a few CPU cycles as well. It can also behave differently with integrated GPUs than with discrete GPUs (video cards). It's definitely worth a try to enable the GPU subtest besides all the others, but it may cause troubles when the OpenCL stack has some installation issues. So we generally wouldn't recommend using it automatically, but only with cautions. If it works fine and produces the right system load (as per your expectations), then use it.
  20. No, it cannot filter down that way, since the sensor module is called everytime there's any sensor reading requested. I'm glad you've solved it using the EC options, that would have been my suggestion too We've seen a few Asus motherboards where polling EC registers can cause high DPC latencies.
  21. I ran Aquasuite and the newAida64 beta at the same time and compared the read values. The new beta works great.
  22. Just to be clear before I spend $70 for a Commander Pro; AIDA64 will be able to monitor temperature sensors (the ones I linked to above) through the Commander Pro? I have no intention of using iCUE.
  23. Well, solved it by disabling EC (Embedded Controller) polling in the Stability page of Preferences after doing a search in the forums for latency issues. I don't think I lost any of the sensors I was actually using.
  24. i read on a reddit post that AMD are intending to rrelease documentation to implement the short rolling average that ryzen master uses to monitor its temps and that PBO2 uses to decide on thermal based boosting, however i am still seeing strange behaviour in my aida64 sensor panel, that has peaks >55c on idle and is reading anywhere from 5-15c higher than ryzen master. i dont mind the difference in temp so much as the peaking behaviour seeming very strange, is there any plans to implement the rolling average to better match the AMD monitoring? I've attached 2 images that show the differences in behaviour. FWIW i understand that aida is showing a histogram, however even with the line graph it was showing these spikes
  25. Is it because the width of the OSD panel keeps changing? It should change with left alignment too, BTW.
  26. I have wanted this option for so long and I tried it in the new beta, yet using any alignment aside from 'left' causes the OSD to constantly jitter and shift as the info changes.
  27. Thanks for the comment. So, are you suggesting me CPU+FPU+Cache+RAM+Disks stress testing for check the stable of overclock? Which combination is better? CPU+FPU+Cache+RAM+Disks or CPU+FPU+Cache+RAM or CPU+FPU+Cache+RAM+GPU ?
  28. Just to add: I tried disabling items in the OSD one by one while I monitored latency using LatencyMon. Eventually I removed all items leaving only the date but it didn't help. Doesn't Aida64 automatically stop monitoring the sensors that are not selected, or does that require closing the Preferences window first (I was removing the items one by one and then clicking Apply)? Otherwise, the only thing that seems to work is hiding the OSD or exiting Aida64.
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