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  2. @Liao Joey Since a couple of days I use AIDA64 and a long side LCD panel similar to yours. So I needed to register for credit this awesome work here:-) Your panel is absolutely awesome, love the neon colors. I'm interested if the background is done by yourself? I like the hardware details in the background but I'm wondering if there is a version without the PC and NZXT letterings on the left and in front of the PC? Much appreciated. @Andrew Goodner I would also be very intrested in your 7 inch version of @Gabe Zalewski version. I really like the neon hardware icons and the gauge.
  3. That's due to an incorrect voltage ratio or voltage register used by AIDA64 on your motherboard. We'd be happy to fix it up, if you could submit an ISA Sensor Dump of your motherboard: please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Thanks, Fiery
  4. Due to security concerns we're currently not planning to enable such functionality.
  5. Fiery are u here ? beacause i search far for this Stirke7api.dll but i never found this ... pliz help me i need contiue to use Aida64 with my strike. before i use with my logitech g15 but it's more easy with g15 ^^ Help me guy <3 Thx to help me !!!!
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  7. hi, the window of stress test freezes immediately after starting the test. the system is stressing forward, it looks like so. but the window doesn't read measures anymore like max temp and so. after i killed it shows much lower temp. thank you
  8. By allowing the administrator account to set a persistent Start = 0x2 from within the Aida64 options, and change the task schedule to include the user account in the name of the Run at Startup task so multiple admins or users can choose to start it or not.
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  10. Got it - BUT we cannot have Aida and iCue running concurrently right ?
  11. I second that, please share looks fantastic
  12. It be nice if Aida64 could easily determine if passthrough / bitstream support was present for hd codecs (dolby true-hd/atmos, dts-hd ma / dts-x). It would seem to not be a common feature of Android TV boxes (at least ones that have netflix certification, i.e. original mibox with original firmware and nvidia shield). With the new chromecast people are asking this Q, but if one doesn't have a receiver its hard to figure out. I assume Aida64 could perhaps enumerate it making it an easy Q for people to answer.
  13. Voltage values of Be Quiet dark Power Pro 11 Hi i have a question about the display of values at 12 volts. Why does it say 1.398V? Can that be correct? The Aida 64 Version is the 6.25 Business Board is a ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 Regards
  14. Last week
  15. Thank you! Can you please post a copy-paste or screen shot or photo of the Computer / Sensor page of AIDA64 as well? Please make sure to have most of the readings visible on the photo/shot.
  16. Hello Latest Aida64 does not detect fan speeds for the Asrock Z490 ITX board. I have attached the ISA dump for troubleshooting. Hopefully this can be fixed easily. Thank youisasensordump.txt
  17. It seems T_Sensor1 & T_Sensor2 are not showing up in AIDA64. The ASUS EC chip is Nuvoton nct6798D. Tested in version 6.25.5483 Beta. Thanks!
  18. Big shout out to @Gabe Zalewski for doing all the ground work and sharing his beautiful Neon Hud Pannel. I have resized the panel to 1024x600 for my 7inch display and did some customization to match my parts. Let me know if you guys want the download!
  19. Impossible de trouver sur le site mad catz le strike7api.dll ... de l'aide si possible ? un lien pour le telecharger serai bienvenue si vous le posedez vous meme Merci beaucoup
  20. There are many dominant Android apps out there. I am also using it very well.
  21. Hi sir can u share your project on us? Thank you in advance =)
  22. AIDA64 does detect rooting and show it on the Android page. However, the detection of rooting is more convenient for the user of the device if it's not done directly, by requesting root access. So what our app does is check the presence of certain files that are related to the process of rooting. If those files are still there but you reversed the process, then AIDA64 will still report the device as being rooted.
  23. As it seems there is no feature on AIDA64 to show if an Android has root access or not. Since it's something related to software it's better if there is such a feature. On the other hand, now users can virtual space on their Android smartphones using apps such as VirtualXposed. Is there a chance to add A feature to this app to detect such configurations and modifications on OS?
  24. I've got a problem. Perhaps this may not be related to app.If all the cameras are managed by as a single camera, how it can be detected if one camera got a technical issue or another fault? how does app show that?
  25. You can use AIDA64 on any phones or tablets as long as they have Android 4.2 or later. Fake devices are a completely different matter, since fake device manufacturers and vendors target respected Play Store apps like AIDA64 by designing their products around the idea to fool those apps with fake device properties reported via standard Android API calls and Linux kernel files. It's best to avoid fake devices rather than finding fault in apps that aren't there actually.
  26. can we do the same on smart watches or the same size for smartwatches
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