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  1. Fiery, Thank you for the quick response. Maybe you can consider it as a new feature request. ;-) It would be nice to be able to glance at the sensor panel and see what my max temp was during my gaming session or rendering task. Thank you! -Jason
  2. Is there a way to display CPU Max Temp in the sensor panel? I see that you have it listed in the main program window for each temp monitored. Computer>Sensor It would be nice to have this value as a the sensor panel item. Thank you, -J
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Based on your response it sounds like this isn't something that will ever be possible. That is a bummer. Thanks for your help! -Jason
  4. Hello, I just finished building my latest PC, it has the ASUS Maximus IX Code motherboard. I do have a water cooling setup, and was wondering if there was a way to have ADIA64 read the water temp from the Motherboard. The motherboard has 3 sets of pins for water cooling sensors (water temp in and water temp out) and a flow meter as well. I'm really more interested in monitoring the water temp, they use a standard 10kOhm temp sensor. In AIDA64, there isn't a sensor that corresponds to those motherboard sensors. Is that something that I can configure? Or do they not show up until I add a sensor? I can see the sensors with the ASUS software but I would rather use AIDA. Thanks for your help! -J