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  1. 9 hours ago, GotchaPine007 said:

    yeah and it got hotter since I replaced the original Nvme by a Samsung 970 plus 2TB. That drive cvan go up to 80c when gaming even with the top fan at 1400rpm



    I am sure that cannot be good for the drive; probably throttles speed and might shorten lifespan.


    SFF PCs are neat and compact, but personally, I would not pack them with higher performance hardware, because of the amount of heat that you are experiencing.

  2. 6 hours ago, GotchaPine007 said:

    oh yeah sorry :-)

    Usually I have like 20 degrees centigrades in the room.

    I'm using a i9-9900K, the cooler is at the top of the case, it's a Corsair 140mm that run at 1400rpm max

    20°C is fairly cool, mine is usually 24° to 27°C.

    I was looking at Corsair's website to check that particular model out, a lot in a small package.


    The 9900K do run hot. Mine was really difficult to cool, even with custom loop, until I delidded it to run bare die. Even so, @5000MHz, it still idles around ambient +10°C.


  3. On 1/25/2021 at 11:26 AM, GotchaPine007 said:

    Yeah, I was letting Icue decide but since I installed a Nvme 970 plus the temp was going up (my NVME was up to 76..).

    So I now let the top fan run at 1000rpm constant unless I'm playing game then it will run higher.

    My CPU temp now is averaging 45

    At idle?

    Even your GPU temp seems high.


    This is a desktop PC, not a laptop, correct?

    CPU is Overclocked? What cooling?

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