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  1. At idle, GPU and GPU Diode are usually the same, sometimes GPU is 1°C lower than GPU Diode. I thought I would check load temperatures.
  2. Cannot fit full page into screenshot. Will this suffice?
  3. I have multiple temperature sensors displayed in AIDA64. The two relevant ones are GPU and GPU Diode. Which of these are being referred to? They generally are one to two degrees C apart.
  4. Interestingly, all of those apps agreed with AIDA64 GPU temp on my eVGA RTX2080... until the new BETA. Now AIDA64 is one degree lower than the others.
  5. Never mind, somehow I had set the drive to 'offline'.
  6. I was reading this thread and thought I would test an unused nvme drive I have installed. The test appears to complete, but there does not appear to be any output:
  7. The sensors are not listed in AIDA64 as I have have shown? All I can suggest is to be patient, and I am sure it will get fixed.
  8. OP, Not terrible, but... I have seen AIDA64 results with latency in the upper 20ns range. Visit some of the overclocking forums to learn.
  9. So, the processor speed is remaining constant? If BIOS setting are at DEFAULT, does that include Speedstep or various C-states being active? Perhaps Windows Power Plan is downclocking processor? Strange that AIDA64 would show speed different from actual, but only after some time has passed.
  10. Heatsinks? Does AIDA64 show temperatures of the DIMMs? I also notice the CPU frequency and uncore frequency is different for the two memory benchmarks, and the CPU frequency is different for the GPGPU benchmarks.
  11. Just downloaded 6.30.5511 BETA, noticed new sensors, but they do not appear to monitor anything, i.e. values are zero.
  12. I should have been more to the point; how is it failing, do you get errors, if so what are they, what cooling are you using, are you overclocking, does it pass other stress tests such as P95, Realbench, LinX, Blender, etc. Screenshots might be helpful...
  13. Obviously unstable, but your post is lacking details that would make a reasonable opinion possible.
  14. Seems irrelevant. The initial post was high temperatures, not excess CPU usage. Improperly installed or inadequate cooling, improper BIOS settings are the most likely culprits.
  15. Not an iCUE, but AIDA64 displays total wattage read from my APC BACK-UPS RS1500LCD UPS.
  16. On another forum, I noticed users posting their Memory benchmark result screenshots that have a lower case letter i in a blue circle above the three read, write, copy headings. I do not see that on mine. What is it?
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