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  1. Thanks. I understand there are many other things you need to address. I was only wondering because there was no reply for a long time.
  2. I take it the answer is no?
  3. I apologize for not being specific. What I meant to ask was; could we have both temperatures available in the Sensor Panel, please?
  4. As there are two temp sensors, at least for some nvme ssd, could we have AIDA64 display both? Thanks
  5. 60°C and 90°C? Those are crazy high temps. Using 4679 BETA; I get 54°C and 58°C running the Stress Local Disks test for five minutes. (Second sensor.) Using 4687 BETA; I get 31°C and 32°C running the Stress Local Disks test for five minutes. (First sensor.)
  6. Thanks for the explanation, I wondered why HWiNFO showed two different sensors with two different readings for my 960 EVO. I do not suppose it would be worthwhile to have AIDA64 display both sensors also?
  7. Would you please explain what that means?
  8. I have noticed that the latest version, 5.97.4687 BETA, reports the temp of the nvme drives, but it appears to be incorrect. 5.97.4679 BETA appears to report the correct temps.
  9. Got it, works perfectly with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers As usual, excellent work! Thanks
  10. I believe I have discovered what caused the issue. I had installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers Using RST instead makes the problem go away. However, I wonder if AIDA64 may not be monitoring the correct sensor, looking at the HWiNFO display?
  11. Another thing; I notice that under Menu>Storage>SMART, neither NVME SSD is listed, only my external HHD is listed.
  12. One other thing I noticed; with HWiNFO, there are two temperature sensors reported by S.M.A.R.T. One seems to change very little, perhaps one or two C°. As I recall, when AIDA64 was reporting the drive temperatures, it did not vary much either. On the other hand, the second temperature sensor may change as much as 20 C° with the amount of activity on the array. I have attached a screen snip of the HWiNFO sensor display. Hopefully that may help.
  13. eVGA Classified K (Z170). It is strange that several versions were reporting temps until yesterday. I tried System Restore, resetting BIOS, restoring a saved OS image, even updating BIOS firmware. Nothing worked.
  14. No versions that used to support temp monitoring for my two 960 EVO NVME SSDs in RAID0 are working. However, HWiNFO and SIV both report temps for the drives.
  15. What is going on with the downloads page? Nothing there for Windows, and no BETAs.
  16. Yes, the UPS is connected. Repositioning that sensor gauge works on 4321 BETA.
  17. 4329 BETA. I wanted to reposition the UPS Estimated Time gauge, using the X/Y coordinates, but the OK button is greyed out.
  18. I understand. I see that the latest BETA, 5.92.4306, notes: Hardware Monitoring / new items: M.2 #1, M.2 #2, M.2 #3 temperatures. This is not for RAID0, I take it? Thanks
  19. I see there is a new version of AIDA64, but still no temperature reading of M.2 SSD in RAID.
  20. @Fiery, Was wondering if any progress made on implementing the M.2 temperature sensor? Thanks
  21. Yes, I have CPU Utilization enabled in Sensor Panel. I disabled those Sensor Panel items and ran Stability Test:
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