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  1. Do you now, or do you ever plan to, offer multi-year licenses? I would certainly be interested in purchasing a three-year license if it were available. Thanks
  2. Yes Sir, I understand your point. I do download some large files on occasion: I have often wondered why Windows still shows KB? Thanks and keep up the excellent work! P.S. I wonder if it would be possible to add a couple more places to the right of the decimal point? If not, never mind. Thanks again
  3. Understood, although I was hoping otherwise. Anyway, since Windows reports file sizes in KBytes, would that not be more consistant? Just my opinion, but it seems logical to me. Thanks
  4. @Fiery, Is it possible to make the NIC upload/download totals display KB, rather than MB? Thanks EDIT: I was thinking, would it be possible for the Total Download to start out with Bytes, and when it reaches 1,000 Bytes to change to KB, when it reaches 1,000 KB to change to MB, when it reaches 1,000 MB change to GB? Thanks again
  5. Same thing happen to my Sensor Panel. The addition of Upload/Download Totals apparently reset the NIC sensor readouts.
  6. My four S599 SSD (RAID0) temperatures are displayed. Are you using Sensor panel or OSD?
  7. @Dragolar, What are your system components/specs? Regarding your point about people recommending other applications, I believe that is because those other applications are free.
  8. @Magman, Thanks. I had suggested a dial type interface for the Sensor Panel some months ago. Hopefully, this is something the developers can implement.
  9. @Magman, I would really like to see those gauges, but I cannot get any attached files to open, either in Firefox or IE9. Would it be possible for you upload that .jpg to imageshack or photobucket and post the link? Thanks
  10. So, the AIDA64 test is more for testing GPUs that are used for applications like folding, rather than games?
  11. I did a comparison between eVGA OCScanner and AIDA64, same card specs as before. eVGA OCScanner 1.7.3 1920x1200 resolution, fullscreen, heavy mode 5 minutes GPU1 - 94° GPU2 - 95° AIDA64 GPU and FPU stress test enabled 5 minutes GPU1 - 77° GPU2 - 77°
  12. I did some temperature comparison between the AIDA64 module and other popular GPU stressing applications. GPU: Two eVGA GTX460 Superclocked External Exhaust, SLI enabled. Core @ 800 MHz Memory @ 950 MHZ (3900 MHz effective DDR5 speed) eVGA OCScanner v.1.7.3 1920x1200 resolution, fullscreen, heavy mode 5 minutes GPU1 - 90°C GPU2 - 89°C OCCT v4.0.0 1920x1200 resolution, fullscreen, shader complexity 8,error checking on 5 minutes GPU1 - 73°C GPU2 - 73°C MSI Kombustor v 1.1.3 1920x1200 resolution, fullscreen, AA off 5 minutes GPU1 - 88°C GPU2 - 88°C AIDA64 5 minutes GPU1 - 75
  13. @Fiery, The voltage sensor works perfectly, thank you very much for adding this. I am sure that if anyone can figure out the power sensor, it is you. Keep up the excellent work.
  14. Thanks. I have the utmost confidence that you will find a solution. Keep up the great work!
  15. @Fiery, Thanks. Is the Discharge rate supposed to be on this page? Here is a snip of SIW (2011 build 0707). The columns are, left to right, Value Min Max. The readings appear to be close to what is displayed on the UPS LCD screen, so I would guess they are fairly accurate? Any other information I can provide to help, please ask. Thanks again.
  16. Yes, I saw that and wondered if it was not possible to make it appear in the OSD and Sensor Panel as well? Thanks EDIT: I have found that an application called SIW can also display the amount of power (in Watts) being drawn through the UPS. Would it also be possible to add that reading? Thanks again
  17. I notice AIDA64 able to monitor the battery voltage of my APC Back-UPS RS 1500 LCD. Could this be added to the Sensor Panel/OSD please? Thanks
  18. Thank you. I overlooked those, thinking they were just to display time and date as they do on the Sensor Panel. However, the Date/Time format is messed up in Excel and although I can get it to display, it will not save properly. It is probably something I need to format in Excel, and it does display properly if I open the .CSV file in Notepad, but the columns are not formatted correctly. .
  19. @Fiery, Is it possible to add a 'timestamp' feature to the sensor logging, i.e. Date and time the reading were recorded? Thanks
  20. I believe it is absolutely fantastic that FinalWire is even offering any type of support for a pre-BETA release of Windows.
  21. @Fiery, Thank you for the explanation, I do see that it lists the 1.85.1629 as old.
  22. @Fiery, I just downloaded and installed 1.85.1629 BETA. Thanks for implementing the update feature. However, I wonder why it is that although I have the 1.85.1629 BETA installed, the updated wants to download 1.85.1629 BETA (the same version)?
  23. You can adjust it by going to File>Preferences>Hardware Monitoring and changing the TjMax temperature:
  24. Most likely that is the case. However, if the voltages displayed on that tab correspond to the actual voltages, they must be read from somewhere, correct?
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