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  1. I see that the developers are trying to get AIDA64 on Steam. Does that mean that the Steam client will be required to activate a license? I sincerely hope that is not the case, for as much as I admire AIDA64, I disdain Steam far more.
  2. I imagined it was something like that. Although, I cannot believe that once someone has tried AIDA64, they are not willing to buy a license to enable full functionality, it is the absolute best software of its kind! It is nice to know that the .zip packages will not have the Chrome ad. Have you ever thought about offering premium licenses, such as lifetime subscriptions?
  3. Thanks for the new version. However, I must say I was rather disappointed to see the Chorme browser ad. I expect that sort of thing on freeware, understanding the authors of such software need some way to offset development costs, but not on license software, especially on an exceptional application such as AIDA64.
  4. Arctucas


    As usual, you have it exactly right. I did not even remember I had enabled that option. Thanks.
  5. Arctucas


    I verified that the auto-update is set to never. I actually enabled it and then disabled it again.
  6. Arctucas


    I only see the connection to aida64.com when I open AIDA64. It stays open for approximately 7 seconds before closing.
  7. Arctucas


    I see... It is just that any application that connects to an internet server runs though KIS (avp.exe). For example, here is a screenshot of TCPView I took while logged into my AIDA forum account to post this reply: Notice that firefox is not shown connected to aida64.com, but avp.exe is, as the firewall acts as a proxy. But, if you are sure there is no traffic, I will trust what you say.
  8. Arctucas


    avp.exe is Kaspersky Internet Security (my firewall). The connection to your server only occurs when AIDA64 is opened.
  9. Arctucas


    3.20.2613 BETA Although I have checked 'never' in Preferences>General>NetUpdate; Looking at TCPView when starting AIDA64, I see this; Not exactly the best behavior...
  10. @Fiery, I see, my mistake. It works properly after I changed it to 'reverse'. Thank you for implementing this feature, and keep up the excellent work.
  11. @Fiery, It appears that it is not working for me, unfortunately. That is to say; i see no difference in the drive free space guages than with previous versions, [/url]">http://
  12. @Fiery, I know you have been very busy, but I was wondering if any progress was being made regarding fixing the disk usage issue? Thanks, and keep up the excellent work.
  13. Thanks, Fiery. I know you have a lot to do, just staying current with new hardware. Keep up the excellent work.
  14. I was hoping to see fixed hard drive usage gauges in the new 2.80 version. This is the only area I see where AIDA64 does not excel.
  15. I used the disk usage gauges and had one question; would it not make more sense if the free space reported usage in reverse? That is, the indicator to turn red when the disk runninng out of space, rather than when it has a lot of free space? Thanks for continuing to provide the best monitoring software there is.
  16. I was able to get it back by deleting it and creating a new one. Thanks for your help. Keep up the excellent work.
  17. Fiery, Thank you for looking into this issue. I have tried to Modify the Sensor Panel item for the external HDD temperature, changing the size, style, type, values, etc., but I cannot. That is to say; no matter what I change, the "OK" button remains greyed out so that I cannot apply the changes. With other Sensor Paenl items, the "OK" button is usable, even without any modification. Also, why would that particular Sensor Panel icon, and only that one, be visible (and editable) for all versions of AIDA64 that use the Sensor Panel except the last three version as noted? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.
  18. RAID dump zip file attached. RAID dump.zip
  19. I cannot post the dump. I get: "an error occurred" post_too_long
  20. Versions 2.70.2215, 2.70.2212, 2.70.2208 the icon for the temperature of my external HDD is missing: Version 2.70.2203 and earlier, the icon is present:
  21. That is a good idea, except that one would need a way to measure the ambient temperatures. I know that some motherboards have the capability to install external temperature probes, but not all do. It would be useful, but only for a limited number of users. However, I would definitely like to see something like this implemented.
  22. That would be a nice feature! Keep up the great work.
  23. I get the same with any 11.5 RST after 1153. I have not bothered trying any of the RSTe. I am using the RST with no issues.
  24. That appears to be it, when I disable SLi in nVIDIA Control Panel, four adapters appear.
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