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  1. I was hoping to see fixed hard drive usage gauges in the new 2.80 version. This is the only area I see where AIDA64 does not excel.
  2. I used the disk usage gauges and had one question; would it not make more sense if the free space reported usage in reverse? That is, the indicator to turn red when the disk runninng out of space, rather than when it has a lot of free space? Thanks for continuing to provide the best monitoring software there is.
  3. I was able to get it back by deleting it and creating a new one. Thanks for your help. Keep up the excellent work.
  4. Fiery, Thank you for looking into this issue. I have tried to Modify the Sensor Panel item for the external HDD temperature, changing the size, style, type, values, etc., but I cannot. That is to say; no matter what I change, the "OK" button remains greyed out so that I cannot apply the changes. With other Sensor Paenl items, the "OK" button is usable, even without any modification. Also, why would that particular Sensor Panel icon, and only that one, be visible (and editable) for all versions of AIDA64 that use the Sensor Panel except the last three version as noted? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. RAID dump zip file attached. RAID dump.zip
  6. I cannot post the dump. I get: "an error occurred" post_too_long
  7. Versions 2.70.2215, 2.70.2212, 2.70.2208 the icon for the temperature of my external HDD is missing: Version 2.70.2203 and earlier, the icon is present:
  8. That is a good idea, except that one would need a way to measure the ambient temperatures. I know that some motherboards have the capability to install external temperature probes, but not all do. It would be useful, but only for a limited number of users. However, I would definitely like to see something like this implemented.
  9. That would be a nice feature! Keep up the great work.
  10. I get the same with any 11.5 RST after 1153. I have not bothered trying any of the RSTe. I am using the RST with no issues.
  11. That appears to be it, when I disable SLi in nVIDIA Control Panel, four adapters appear.
  12. Interesting, I have two cards, each with two DL-DVI and an HDMI, but I only see two Video Adapters listed. Perhaps it is just newer cards that do this?
  13. CDI 5 Alpha causes 0xD1 pointing to iaStorA.sys with installed, therefore I did not even bother with
  14. The latest Intel RST BETA does not like AIDA64. When I try to run AIDA64 (2.30 or 2.50) with RST installed I get a 0xD1 BSOD pointing to iaStorA.sys. I have not seen this happen with any other application I have installed. RST or have no issues and everything works as expected.
  15. But the IAStor Service should be running, no? With 1153 installed over top of 1149, the Service is still 1149. If previous versions of RST are uninstalled, and 1153 the installed, no IAStor Service runs, nor have I seen any application associated with RST running, which leads me to believe that although the drivers are installed, no RST management of my array is occurring.
  16. @Squall Leonhart, Well, I tried that, installing over, and although the drivers (iaStorA.sys and iaStorF.sys) were installed (as reported by Device Manager and confirmed in the System32/drivers folder), Task Manager and the RST GUI both indicated I tried uninstalling completely and then installing both manually through Device Manager, and by running DPInst. Again, the drivers were installed in the System32/drivers folder, were reported by Device Manager, but the RST Service did not run, did not appear in Task Manager, nor did I have any RST GUI.
  17. Thank you, but yes, I have trying to get it properly installed all morning. Eventually, I went back to the 1149 until a proper installer is provided.
  18. I also was wondering about this, but does memory usage actually equate to memory stress? When I run the Memory portion (all others unchecked) of System Stability Test, my memory usage, (according to AIDA64) goes from ~1160MB to ~1290MB, an additional ~130MB of memory being used.
  19. Fiery, While I agree that AIDA64 should be fully functional and eaisly usable by even the most inexperienced of users, some of us would actually like more flexibility in customizing our Sensor Panel(s). And I understand that it is quite a lot of work for you and the team to maintain the application, with updates and feature requests, but I was wondering if you had considered the possibility of offering a 'Lite' version for the novice user or those who want a simple/basic GUI, and possibily offer a more advanced version (even if it incurs a price premium) for more experienced users? I, for one, would be willing to pay a little more for extra features and customization options. Keep up the excellent work.
  20. With gauges: http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll305/Arctucas/SensorPanel5-9-12.jpg
  21. Fiery, I really like the the gauges in the new Senson Panel. Is there a possibility of optional gauges, such as having a needle? Thanks again.
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