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  1. I do normally run AIDA64 with Sensor Panel in full-screen. I disabled Sensor Panel, ran Stability Test, and there were no drop-outs.
  2. All security patches, no 'optional' updates, no non-security 'recommended' updates issued after January 1, 2015.
  3. 5.80.4093BETA. Stability Test no longer freezes. However, something I never noticed happening with previous versions of Stability Test; CPU usage momentarily dropping to zero:
  4. 5.80.4089 BETA. Issue continues... EDIT: I installed my motherboard manufacturer's latest BIOS, and while at default settings, ran Stability Test. It froze immediately. Any version after 5.80.4068 freezes, any version before does not.
  5. 5.80.4081BETA Stability Test GUI froze at 21 seconds.
  6. MB - eVGA Classified K GPU - eVGA GTX970SSC USB external connections- Logitech MX700 Keyboard/Mouse, Thermaltake Max4 HDD enclosure with Toshiba DT10ACA100 1TB HDD, Epson WF-2540 printer, APC Back-UPS RS1500 LCD RAID - 4 x Samsung 830 in RAID0.
  7. 5.80.4075BETA Stability Test also freezing. Looks like 5.80.4068 is the latest BETA I can use for Stability Test.
  8. Priorities are as you say they should be.
  9. No, same hardware; 6700K, Z170 motherboard, 16GB DDR4, etc. EDIT: I disabled the DIMM TS, same result; Stability Test (and only Stability Test) freezes.
  10. Neither the Sensor page nor the Stability Test window by themselves caused any freezing. Starting the Stability Test caused it to freeze. This time, I had HWiNFO and Firefox open, but they were not affected, nor was any other thing in Windows. I have not tried every version yet, but the three I listed worked perfectly. Only the latest BETA appears to have the issue. Anything else I need to do? EDIT: Reverted to 5.80.4068BETA. Stability Test ran 15 minutes, no freezing.
  11. v5.80.4072BETA. Running Stress CPU, after a minute and a half or so, the application stops responding. It does not crash, it is still running, but the GUI freezes. All other applications work fine while the Stress Test is frozen, no lag, no hesitation at all. I ran the Stress CPU using v5.80.4005BETA, 5.80.4028BETA, 5.80.4056BETA, and it worked as expected. Ideas?
  12. @Fiery, I received a reply from eVGA. They will not provide the information. In fact, they now are not answering even simple questions. I apparently did wear out my welcome with them. I appreciate all your hard work and effort. Going forward, my intent is to get rid of the eVGA motherboard and buy either a MSI or AsRock motherboard. Hopefully, I not encounter any issues with either of those brands. Thanks again.
  13. Will do. Although i have noticed that eVGA responses have begun to be days instead of hours. Anyway, I tried using a Ratio of 1.00895 and an Offset of -0.002 to get it very close.
  14. I believe I had to do that once before with another motherboard, I had forgotten about that. Currenty, I trying to assist another software developer with obtaining info about this motherboard, because it seems no monitoring software, except ELEET, which is not really useful, displays anything even close to the correct VCore. eVGA is not being, (how shall I put it?), exactly the most helpful. If there any specific information you want me to ask eVGA about, just say so. I will probably wear out my welcome with them, but I intend to continue to persue this.
  15. An update, I believe there remains an issue with the VCore. I was stress-testing with OCCT, running AIDA64 alongside ELEET: About .05V difference. Also, although I did not manage to capture it, I saw the VCore reading in AIDA64 hit 2.03 for an instant.
  16. Thank you. I sort of thought if it was able to be monitored, you would have already had it, but I just wanted to be sure.
  17. I wanted to thank you for updating AIDA64 for my motherboard. I was looking at the Computer>Sensor page when I noticed a sensor named PCH 1.8V. But, there is no option to display that sensor in Sensor Panel. Also, looking at the BIOS, i see the following voltages: Core PLL VSA VCCPLL_OC I am not sure if those BIOS voltages are able to be monitored, or if they are named something else in AIDA64? Thanks again.
  18. Perhaps the VCore is fixed because I am using the Override setting for VCore in BIOS?
  19. Yes, I understand. That is why I mention that I have the BIOS configured to disable all C-states, and the CPU voltage control set to 'Override' which forces a constant voltage that should never change. I have asked eVGA if the missing sensors are, in fact, present on this motherboard, but have yet to receive a response. Not really sure how to get the sensor page up?
  20. Tried the new BETA. Unfortunately, it does not show the correct VCore; 1.325 in BIOS set to Override (constant voltage, and C states are disabled), 1.136 in AIDA64. Also, I am not sure if there are North Bridge and CPU VTT sensors, but both of those show 0. Also, North Bridge and VRM temperatures show N/A. Again, not sure if those sensor are present. Thanks
  21. Thank you, I am sure it will be excellent as usual. Best regards
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