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  1. sorry - there wasn't enough interest to keep it up there and cover the cost of the developer license. Have a look at Frameless - its a good frameless browser app.
  2. Hi there, couple of things to check: a) can you access the website via the safari browser? also double check you aren't putting http:// in the IP field (only put in the ip address) c) can you try with the host name of the computer? What device/version of IOS are you running? The app itself is fairly simple in that it is running a stripped down version of Safari, so if you can hit the website on safari, it should work.
  3. Hi Fiery, thanks for the feedback I'll do some testing and come back to you, sounds like perhaps it isn't pulling the saved variables between the two screens correctly, at least in earlier versions of iOS (Certainly not happening on iOS8). I'll need to try and reproduce it and see what is going on. I'll have a look at the buttons as well, it is using the new autolayout feature in xCode and I suspect it doesn't like backwards compatibility, if you get a chance, can you send or post a screenshot just so I can see it compared to what I'm seeing? Thanks again for the feedback.
  4. Hi all, 1.4 has been released to the app store, squashing a number of bugs and adding some new functionality: – Backwards compatibility has been added for iOS6 and iOS7 users – Option to allow the device to go to sleep (based on device settings) once an offline state has been detected – Locked settings page to portrait mode to allow a cleaner interface – Fixed some minor bugs Let me know how you go with it http://matthewhodder.com/webdash-1-4-released/
  5. haha, I'm sure Aida64 is far more complex than my app Was surprisingly easy to implement which is good, slowly getting the hang of xcode! Now to play the apple waiting game....
  6. That is intended behavior, the sleep/lock function is disabled, this is to allow the monitor to go from Offline > Online as soon as the webserver is available again. I can allow the device to go to sleep after it detects an Offline State, but once the device goes to sleep, you can't automatically wake it again without unlocking/human intervention. If this is something you think would be useful in your usage, I'll add a toggle on the settings page to allow sleep when offline is detected. Edit - switch was easy to add in, have included it in the 1.4 release. You can enable it in the setti
  7. Hey Fiery, yeah that was actually a mistake when I committed the build, I selected the wrong target OS, it works on iOS6 and up, but won't install. New version has been submitted, iOS6 and up should work fine Will just take a few days to be released.
  8. New version of WebDash is out, would be keen to hear your thoughts Firey
  9. updated version has been released!! This one should be much more stable, please let me know any feedback or further issues
  10. yeah unfortunately there was a bit of a bug in the refresh cycle for the monitor function. The new version is rock solid (been running it now for 3-4 days), just need to wait for the Apple review process, they are averaging 9 day turn around at the moment, so hopefully around the weekend it will get cleared.
  11. I have done up a quick config guide for WebDash and AIDA64, available here Updated version should be released in the next few days, the monitoring function is FAR more stable and the application runs better overall.
  12. I was seeing some corruption in the images (which should not be reloading, but were), but it is possible I was having an issue with my network at the time, I just haven't tried it since, running it at 3 seconds at the moment. That is definitely not expected behavior, I'm not seeing it on my devices, but its possible we have different sleep settings. That said, I have found a fix for it and will slip it into the 1.3 release. I was hoping to pull the resolution programmaticaly, but the WebUI will only give me the pixels on the screen, because RemoteSensor scales, it throw
  13. Will be happy to through up your panel in the screenshots I'll put a link in, was just waiting for the initial release to go up before I started tweaking hehe. And yeah, bottom left is an indicator light: Green - Live, Red - Offline, Yellow - Loading. BTW, you can tweak the frequency of the website updates under Preferences > Hardware Monitoring > Update Frequency. I had mine set at 1 second, but I have backed it off to 3 seconds as it a bit much with all the data I think. Let me know if you find any other bugs /edit - Link added just waiting for App Store to refres
  14. Initial version has been released! Available on the app store now Download now! An update has already been submitted to fix a bug with the in app purchase function for iPhones and to implement a better server monitor function
  15. Hi all, just making a quick post, I'm just waiting on approval from apple to release the app, I've made a post in the forums over here: http://forums.aida64.com/topic/2707-webdash-a-dedicated-ios-app-for-aida64/ Almost ready to release
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