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  1. I Agree with him man, this is unacceptable.. The weird thing is is that only the ROG boards are affected as far as i know.. Gigabyte and MSI have no problems whatsoever.. They released an BIOS with the implementation but its still not fixed.. I hope they release new BIOS soon with the implementation.
  2. Great news! Hopefully its really working this time. What is this new 0702 BIOS? I don't see any or is that a new one we don't have yet? Thnx.
  3. I see, I really hope this is going to be fixed soon as i really need and want to use Aida64 again which i can't now. But the question remains, why do i only have problems with Aida64 and not with other programs.
  4. Hi Fiery,

    Did you read what i wrote in my thread?

    Your program still has issues with my Asus x470 board, it dates back to my x370 board...

    I thought you said it was fixed? Now when i use Aida64, the latest version of course, i get pwm issue within 15 minutes.

    Can you look in to this and fix it plz? I need to use Aida64.



  5. Hi guys, I have a new Asus ROG x470 board and i uses Aida64 the latest version and within 15 minutes i have the fan issue again.. Why is this still not fixed after all these months is my question? I really want to use your program but i can't even run cash benchmark because of this fan issue... Plz contact Elmor ( Jon) From asus ROG in order to solve this. Thank you.
  6. Thnx for the update but i already read that. I am an member of overclock.net too. Elmor said this before and its been like 6 months and still no fix.. I doubt they fix it but i stay positive.
  7. Good to hear there is some progress about this issue. I understand that the problem occurs when more software programs access the EC sensor and therefore become erratic. hardwareinfo64 found an solution but as for Aida64 there is none as of today. I tried launching Aida64 last week with the latest beta and it gave me errors and my fans also spin up to the max without ramping down. The EC event ID in Windows is a different thing though which is not related to this as its an Microsoft issue i've been told. There is more about this in the overclock.net ROG thread.
  8. I also hardly have these issues anymore but the hardware problem still present.. I agree man, they should have picked a more reliable sensor like ASrock and MSI did but they didn't and instead they went with IT which is notorious about making crappy sensors.. They used it on the 990 FX Sabertooth as well and it had issues too but Asus refuses to get something else and keeps blaming 3rd party software while their own software is causing the most problems out of all of them.. AlSuite 3 is notoriously buggy and can cause serious system instability, you actually need an tool in order to remov
  9. There is no fix for this as it is hardware/silicon level.. The IT8665E is an incredibly buggy and cheap.. Look here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1636566/asus-rog-zenith-extreme-x399-threadripper-overclocking-support/2040#post_26506525 And here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1624603/rog-crosshair-vi-overclocking-thread/31580#post_26506128
  10. Hi, Thnx for answering, If Elmor (Jon) didn't contact you, how is it possible that this issue is fixed? I mean, he clearly stated in my PM over at overclock.net that he can only solve it with 3rd party and Asus themselves. Grainer, how do you know this issue is solved? I asked him at overclock.net and he answered that he doesn't know when this issue is being solved. Thnx.
  11. Hi Fiery, I want to ask you if you heard from Elmor yet? He said that there was an test firmware for this EC sensor and that 3rd party software also has to involve in order to "fix" it. Now it would be handy if he actually contacted you guys. Thnx,
  12. Hi, alright but i am not using Aida64 anymore since i get sensor corruption and stability issues even when i am not even enabling this EC sensor.. I understand what you are saying, Elmor (Jon) told us over at overclock.net that he is working with 3rt party software developers, you haven't hear from him yet? The Freezes and instability only occurs when i use Aida64 i am afraid, when i don't use Aida64 i am stable as a rock. I crashed yesterday at the same clocks i am running now but today i am stable as a rock after i reset the motherboard and pulled the battery out and i don't use
  13. Interesting, after some testing i discovered that when i use Aida64 in the background, i crash during stress testing.. When i disable Aida64 i no longer get crashes. Regardless the setting i use with Aida64, i keep crashing in Realbench, Cinebench R15 and IBT AVX. I don't get this problem with hardwareinfo64 tho.
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