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  1. Thnx for the update but i already read that. I am an member of overclock.net too. Elmor said this before and its been like 6 months and still no fix.. I doubt they fix it but i stay positive.
  2. Good to hear there is some progress about this issue. I understand that the problem occurs when more software programs access the EC sensor and therefore become erratic. hardwareinfo64 found an solution but as for Aida64 there is none as of today. I tried launching Aida64 last week with the latest beta and it gave me errors and my fans also spin up to the max without ramping down. The EC event ID in Windows is a different thing though which is not related to this as its an Microsoft issue i've been told. There is more about this in the overclock.net ROG thread.
  3. I also hardly have these issues anymore but the hardware problem still present.. I agree man, they should have picked a more reliable sensor like ASrock and MSI did but they didn't and instead they went with IT which is notorious about making crappy sensors.. They used it on the 990 FX Sabertooth as well and it had issues too but Asus refuses to get something else and keeps blaming 3rd party software while their own software is causing the most problems out of all of them.. AlSuite 3 is notoriously buggy and can cause serious system instability, you actually need an tool in order to remove it.. Perhaps kinda harsh to say, but i think this is the last Asus product i ever buy if they are not going to solve this issue..
  4. There is no fix for this as it is hardware/silicon level.. The IT8665E is an incredibly buggy and cheap.. Look here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1636566/asus-rog-zenith-extreme-x399-threadripper-overclocking-support/2040#post_26506525 And here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1624603/rog-crosshair-vi-overclocking-thread/31580#post_26506128
  5. Hi, Thnx for answering, If Elmor (Jon) didn't contact you, how is it possible that this issue is fixed? I mean, he clearly stated in my PM over at overclock.net that he can only solve it with 3rd party and Asus themselves. Grainer, how do you know this issue is solved? I asked him at overclock.net and he answered that he doesn't know when this issue is being solved. Thnx.
  6. Hi Fiery, I want to ask you if you heard from Elmor yet? He said that there was an test firmware for this EC sensor and that 3rd party software also has to involve in order to "fix" it. Now it would be handy if he actually contacted you guys. Thnx,
  7. Hi, alright but i am not using Aida64 anymore since i get sensor corruption and stability issues even when i am not even enabling this EC sensor.. I understand what you are saying, Elmor (Jon) told us over at overclock.net that he is working with 3rt party software developers, you haven't hear from him yet? The Freezes and instability only occurs when i use Aida64 i am afraid, when i don't use Aida64 i am stable as a rock. I crashed yesterday at the same clocks i am running now but today i am stable as a rock after i reset the motherboard and pulled the battery out and i don't use Aida64 anymore. As soon as i open Aida64 i get crash because of sensor corruption or something, idk. I will ask Jon to contact you because this should be on Asus priority number 1 imo as this affects a lof of users.. Thank you for your feed back.
  8. Interesting, after some testing i discovered that when i use Aida64 in the background, i crash during stress testing.. When i disable Aida64 i no longer get crashes. Regardless the setting i use with Aida64, i keep crashing in Realbench, Cinebench R15 and IBT AVX. I don't get this problem with hardwareinfo64 tho.
  9. Hi, I am having the same exact issues as on my 990 FX Sabertooth board which is also an Asus board.. I mean, this problem is known for a long time now and people are still reporting issues with these erratic sensors... I determined that its not Aida64 nor hardwareinfo64's fault but rather the lack of support from Asus side i am afraid.. Anyhow, you can understand that i am pretty mad about this, not about the programs but rather towards Asus because they should have fixed this by now.. But i digress, The problem is that whenever i try to read from this EC sensor by enabling it in Aida64 or hardwareinfo64, i get stability issues and huge latency issues and i am presented with this error message in Event viewer: "The embedded controller (EC) returned data when none was requested. The BIOS might be trying to access the EC without synchronizing with the operating system. This data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; however, you should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS". The fix that Jon provides is not a fix but a workaround which has nothing to do with fixing the problem at hand.. Its the same as an engine light or Oil temp LED in your car lights up and you simply smash the LED instead of doing something on the engine or fill the oil or whatever.. The thing is that they bought and faulty EC sensor from the wrong supplier and we end up with an motherboard which cannot be monitored because if we do, we get errors like this.. If i disabled this EC sensor i cannot monitor my vrm's, Temp_1,PCIe etc. Basically the crucial parts which i would like to monitor which is also the reason i bought this board. Just to be clear, i should disable EC support and SMbus like in the screenshot? Thank you for your support! Much obliged by it. Regards, Richard.
  10. Hi, Yes it does doesn't it... I mean, i like this board but its full of errors and sensors that doesn't even correctly work to begin with.. I mean, how is it possible that these issues originate from the 990 FX chipset era while i had similar problems and still continue to this day... This baffles me to be honest. Can you plz point to me how to handle this erratic sensor according to Jon's guidelines? He is very busy at the moment "fixing" this hardware problem, which is IMO not possible because its an design flaw in the sensor itself, but who knows. They just need to fix this ASAP as this is no cheapo board but an premium board with cheapo sensors with lots of problems... IMO they should replace this sensor for something more reliable and error free but i don't think they will to be honest. Thank you for your answer, Regards, Richard.
  11. Hi, No problem, i am sure you meant well but it seems a little busy. The thing is that i am no engineer and to be honest, i have no idea what i am looking at in read write utility. I know what i know from someone called The Stilt ( you probably know him) and he told me this. It seems that there is a big problem with this IT8655E Controller but not all errors are directly caused by it.. Its very complicated and it seems that even Elmor (Jon) that is an r&d Engineer over at Asus, doesn't quite understand what is going on here. He told me that they are working on a fix for this in a firmware or BIOS but i haven't heard from him for 5 days now so i thought i will do my own investigation in what is going on with this thing. Anyway, here is the TXT file you were asking for. I really hope you can provide me some more information about this and can explain little more in what is going on regarding this issue. Thank you, much obliged. isasensordump.txt
  12. Hi all, This is the second thread i make about this issue as it appears that my previous thread is forgotten or something.. I would like to get some help with problems i am having with the latest build of Aida64 extreme edition regarding my sensor problems which is caused by Aida64. I would like to know why this is happening and maybe get some feedback on this matter in order to understand why this is happening in order to fix this issues. I tried running the program with EC support enabled and disabled but both get the same results unfortunately. As you can see in the pictures below temps are not as they should be and in in read write program under kolom 6 row 00 you can see that its reading from register 43 which doesn't even exist.. This is the fan controlling which causes my fans to ramp up to 100% and stay there until i restart or sometimes reset my system. This only happens when i try to run Aida64, with or without EC sensor support. thank you.
  13. No further support..? I am very disappointed so far... I used to like the program very much but if there is no support than i guess i have to ask for a refund where i bought it from and uninstall it and use something else that does have support..