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  1. No they do not ... but they do support PNG images for gauges (which are a set of 16 images the program reads as one - thus the animation effect) so what I did was I took a GIF image (animated image) broke it down into several individual PNG images then posted them over and over till I had 16 images. To do this just pick "gauges" on the "new" menu and go down and click on custom for the gauge and just below that there is a ( ...) click that and enter your PNG images. I assigned the gauge to CPU utilization (because it's an active read-out) then disabled the "show value and show icon" So the applications are virtually limitedless it just depends on your imagination......
  2. Hello everyone ... I've been working on designing eye candy for the sensor panel backgrounds and came up with this idea for those of you who want to add a lil bling to your panel. Please tell me what you think ...The electrical sphere in this background moves, to see it in action click this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hs9b6nzw2bcg9h/2018-01-11_00-39-51.mp4?dl=0
  3. Thanks I'm having loads of fun doing this ... I just figured out how to make "mock" animations for these sensor panels of just about any .GIF I can get my hands on Keep an eye out for my designs there are more to come but I'm limited to the time I can spend doing this stuff. I'm currently working on an EVGA panel.
  4. Sorry folks I needed to clear this post
  5. Hello Clean... Well I made the colors by simply assigning 4 bar graphs in succession to 1 item being monitored (example "core #4 temp) then assigned each graph it's own color set corresponding to the 3 limit settings ... setting the colors to the limits was kinda tricky to dial in but just play around with the values a bit as you check the results as you go. As for the shapes of my graphs, the simplicity of this effect really depends on the color/texture/picture of your background. For my background has a kinda grill looking texture in gradient colors so I had to be more precise with it but if you use a solid color for a background it's super easy.And it works on the area graphs as well. Assuming you have a photo editor ... Here's what you need to do, figure out the size of the graph to be modified let's just say ... 25 h x 250 L and we're gonna say your background is black ok... open/make a new window/image in your photo editor and make it 25 x 250 with a transparent background. then do the same but with a black background. Copy and past the black image as a new layer on the transparent one. Now cut out any design you want from the black layer and discard the scraps. You should now have a "mask" of the shape you made, save it as a PNG. All you have to do now is place it as a new image exactly over the graph you want to look like your image/mask that you made. Hope that was helpful. I added my finished panel for you to view to see it in action go here https://www.dropbox.com/s/6n0s52r430gc0kd/2017-12-28_22-25-36.mp4?dl=0 Also I really get a kick out of making these panels and gauges and graphs so if you don't mind the wait I'd be happy to help you design a custom panel.... I just figured out how to make some really cool effects for an interface type panel. My panels that I have posted are 800 x 480 cause I use a 5" hdmi screen for my sensor panel but I can work with whatever size. Email me if you would like my help....have fun with it!
  6. I was looking through the panel menu and saw "SPP" and "MCP" under the cpu ... ummmm what are they and what are their functions?
  7. If anyone would like to see a 30sec video of this panel in action use the link provided https://www.dropbox.com/s/6n0s52r430gc0kd/2017-12-28_22-25-36.mp4?dl=0
  8. A quick update, I made a fan image type of gauge and the fan blades spin ... however you can't tell by this picture Still a work in progress
  9. LMAO!! wow.... example of late night tinkering thanks for catching that (feels dumb) ya so this is just a progress in the works , I just figured out some really cool tricks to "mock" an animation on a new interface type of background if it works I'll post it. Also I am working on putting together an designer's tool kit full of custom gauges meter masks ect. for the community.
  10. I am just getting started with making and designing gauges , backgrounds , and overlays for the bar meters. Are there any of you who do the same? I am always looking to learn new ideas and I am also willing to share what I have been learning. Here is a work in progress ... as I said I am very new to this... please feel free to comment
  11. So I think I found the fonts I like for this panel. I'm going to make some custom backgrounds and templates for (ASUS-ROG, AORUS, EVGA, and possibly NZXT - lol because aida64 is so much better then CAM) Below is another sample of my work, this one is a ROG in blue ... it is just a concept for now - a work in progress I figured out some cool stuff !....Check out these fully working bar-meters I made with 4 progressing colors.Yes the CPU thermometer works (just can't tell because my CPU is at 28-29 C) Also note how the speaker level bar fills in to 100%.
  12. This is a picture of my current set up, I'm building a BEAST of a build right now and will be attaching the 5" LCD inside the window of my Phantek enthoo pro case, but for now it's going to sit on my desk next to my current (outdated build-11 yrs old-LOL) BTW I love how customizable aida64 is it in my opinion is waaaay better than CAM and it fits my 800 x 480 screen.
  13. I guess my next question is ... What is the best way to make the sensor read outs for ....um ...say.....fan rpm more sensitive?
  14. I think I'm getting the hang of this ... Here is a picture of my panel for my 800 x 480 LCD. Let me know what you think cus I made a few items. This is my second go at this and I'm waiting on some case fans right now so the side panel fan display is not hooked up yet below are samples of some medium gauges I made (for black background), if you like them email me for the files I don't mind sharing, I also make cool 800 x 480 backgrounds too 2 versions of a fan I'm working on right now.....
  15. I just purchased Aida64 for the sole purpose of using it on my 5"HDMI LCD screen https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZXUTXCS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because the CAM software from NZXT isnt re-sizable to fit the 800x480 display where Aida64 is totally made to customize. I am just learning to design right now but will post some cool system monitor displays for 800 x 480 screens soon...........BTW I will be mounting my 5" display in my case side panel too.
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