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  1. Issue: Latest beta 5364 (and same as previous beta5357) does not load LCD items from Preferences menu. Expected Behavior: Running standard release of Aida64 Extreme (6.20 5300) and installing to latest beta all menu items that previously worked should continue to work Actual behavior: As upgrade from clean 6.20 (5300) install OR using as a portable version, the app fails to truly initialize the Beada LCD panel. LCD Items under the Preferences menu do not populate.
  2. none of the above helped and the issue still occurs on the new beta. something changed and I doubt I will be the only one with the issue. I've noticed that the beta does not actually initialize my Beada panel. I can choose it and hit apply but the panel never activates. maybe that is the reason the LCD Items do not actually load, because the panel isn't being initialized. who can assist in troubleshooting?
  3. Didn't see a Beta forum so I'm posting here. The newest Beta 5357 doesn't load the LCD Items interface. All get in the upper left corner is the LCD icon and that's all. No Import/Export, nothing. This did not happen on any other beta version. It also happens if I run it as a portable and not as an update to the install 5300 version.
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