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  1. Can you provide us with an enhancement roadmap for 2021 please. The support for updating the underlying engine to support new products and changes to existing products is stellar. However, your display UX is stale. The UX for LCD and Sensor Panels I don't remember seeing a single UX enhancement or new feature in the year that I've been licensed. What enhancements are on the books for 2021?
  2. It would be great to see a "timer" function that could be set with parameters as needed. For instance, I created 3 different backgrounds for my TIme on my sensor panel and I have the background switch from morning to afternoon to night. I assigned the three backgrounds to a custom gauge and the Time sensor but had to calculate how many seconds in a day and divide that by 16 then assign each of the 16 segments sequentially to each of the 16 levels on the gauge then had to assign each of the 3 backgrounds (morning, noon and night) accordingly. It would be great to have a sensor that we could assign as day, hour, minute, seconds, year and use it in conjunction with the custom gauge to get some animation on these very statis icons, backgrounds, etc.
  3. What I've done is to find a background where you can modify various sections of the background like the attached and I set it as a custom gauge and assign the three different backgrounds randomly across the 16 levels then I pick something like a CPU temp that changes constantly. Make sure to narrow the high and low of the gauge range so that 16 levels of the custom gauge are constantly switching the backgrounds.
  4. NZXT Smart Device2 USB dump.txt I've attached by USB dump as well.
  5. I'm looking to buy this: DoubleSight DS-70U 7 Smart USB LCD Monitor Would you be able to support this? thanks in advance...
  6. Hi- Are you able to add support for this LCD?
  7. Running a Gigabyte Vision D Z490 board with the Core i5-10400 CPU. Have configured the fans in BIOS but Aida64 doesn't see any of them in the LCD option, none are listed. Also, CPU temp never changes from 28celcius so I'm guessing that isn't really working either.
  8. Wondering why there is a beta available when there is no support and apparently no interest from the company to look in to reported issues. Appears to be no program in place and no one from FinalWire tasked with gathering any information submitted. .
  9. Issue: Latest beta 5364 (and same as previous beta5357) does not load LCD items from Preferences menu. Expected Behavior: Running standard release of Aida64 Extreme (6.20 5300) and installing to latest beta all menu items that previously worked should continue to work Actual behavior: As upgrade from clean 6.20 (5300) install OR using as a portable version, the app fails to truly initialize the Beada LCD panel. LCD Items under the Preferences menu do not populate.
  10. none of the above helped and the issue still occurs on the new beta. something changed and I doubt I will be the only one with the issue. I've noticed that the beta does not actually initialize my Beada panel. I can choose it and hit apply but the panel never activates. maybe that is the reason the LCD Items do not actually load, because the panel isn't being initialized. who can assist in troubleshooting?
  11. Didn't see a Beta forum so I'm posting here. The newest Beta 5357 doesn't load the LCD Items interface. All get in the upper left corner is the LCD icon and that's all. No Import/Export, nothing. This did not happen on any other beta version. It also happens if I run it as a portable and not as an update to the install 5300 version.
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