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  1. Hi Fiery Would it be possible to update AIDA64 for the Crosshair VI Hero? I have attached the ISA Sensor, SMBus (Full) and Embedded Controller dumps. Thanks Dumps.zip
  2. Hello Checking it out now. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Fiery Would it be possible to add fan, temperature and voltage sensor data for the Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard? I have attached the ISA Sensor, SMBus (Full) and Embedded Controller dumps. Thanks. dump_files.zip
  4. Hi Fiery Attached are the 3 dump files from the latest version of AIDA64. Thanks. dump_files.zip
  5. Hi Fiery Would it be possible to add fan and voltage sensor data for the M8E motherboard? I have attached the SMBus, ISA Sensor and Super I/O dumps. Thanks. M8E_dump.zip
  6. Hello With this new line of code the SPF-87H is now working without issue.
  7. Hello Fiery There is nothing wrong with AIDA64 CPU/DRAM power reporting. If SVID support is disable in the motherboard's UEFI power reporting is broken. If enabled the power/current is properly displayed.
  8. Hi Fiery Ram detection (DDR4) on startup seems fixed as AIDA64 launches fast once again. A quick glance at the various voltages appear to be correct for the R5E. However there is a new issue and may be related to DDR4. I have tested using the onscreen display (OSD) and LCD. Choosing to display any option directly related to ram, such as memory speed or timings, causes a slowdown of AIDA64. Regardless of the hardware monitoring update frequency setting the screen updates take at least 7 seconds and moving around in AIDA64 preferences also has this delay from the time something is clicked on till the action completes. Removing the memory related info from the displayed items fixes the delay. Testing on non-X99 systems do not show this issue. Thanks.
  9. Hi Fiery The sensor page works fine with the R5E for the most part. I have highlighted the few readings that are incorrect below. The voltage labeled VTT is actually VCCIO CPU. The VCCIO labeled voltage I believe might be VCCIO PCH. I'm not sure what the +1.05 V entry is with the value being off. None of the highlighted voltages appear in the sensor page for the DPF. Is this because the values are incorrect? In regards to the comment about the reported memory speeds being incorrect for some of the dividers when using the 125 strap I have done some further testing and the incorrect speeds are also wrong when using the 100 strap. Thanks.
  10. Hello I am seeing the same with the Rampage V Extreme. CPU voltage is reported correctly in AIDA64 CPUID. Also when using the 125 strap the memory speed is misreported both in the sensor data and CPUID. If additional info is needed I'll be happy to provide it. Thanks.
  11. Hi Fiery Using the LibUsb0 driver instead of Samsung's driver fixed the restart issue. Scale right-alignment is working well as can be seen below. Thanks again.
  12. Hello I'm using your Samsung driver. When using Win7 AIDA64 restarts fine after closing. Drag & drop page reordering works fine. Thanks.
  13. Using Win8.1 once AIDA64 has been connected to the DPF if AIDA64 is closed it cannot be relaunched. To run AIDA64 again requires either logging out or restarting the system. If possible the ability to reorder the pages would be helpful in addition to the above requests. Thanks.
  14. Hi Fiery Would it be possible to add the option of displaying the graph "Show Scale" to the right side of the graph? And the data aligned right when this option is used? Also, all sensor items are currently aligned left. Is it possible to have right alignment also? Thanks
  15. Hopefully you can aquire the same version SPF-87H and find out what the issue is. If the distance was not so great I'd ship you mine. Thanks again for all your help with this.
  16. Hello I replaced the SPF-87H with a 800P and it works with no problems at all. Seems the 87H, at least the version I have, is not suited for this type of use. I threw something together real quick to show what AIDA can do with a DPF. I apologize for the quality of the pic as I took it with my phone.
  17. Hello I thought I posted about Win7 working but don't see it. After getting Frame Manager to successfully install in Win7 and then uninstalling it AIDA64 was working with the DPF. I just finished another Win7 install but this time am unsuccessful in keeping the DPF from disappearing when using AIDA64. Using the DPF in mini monitor mode works fine with Frame Manager. The DPF doesn't disappear at all. I have tried the drivers you sent but they made no difference.
  18. Event viewer doesn't show anything. The DPF work fine with Win7 but as Win8 is the only operating system I now use that doesn't help me. Guess I'll go back to the CrystalFontz display until a better option is available that I know will work with Win8.
  19. Could the issue be not successfully installing the Frame Manager software? I have tried on Z87, Z97 and X79 systems and it always crashes at the point of installing the display drivers. I'm not sure how anyone else is installing this software when i see it fail on 3 different platforms.
  20. I have used Intel USB 2.0, 3.0 and ASMedia controllers. Tried the power off/on and switching to mini monitor mode at the DPF. AIDA64 cannot find it because by the time AIDA loads the DPF has disappeared and cannot be detected again until it is toggle to mass storage and back to mini monitor. I'm performing a fresh install of Win8 and will test with a bare minimum install.
  21. Used AIDA64 to switch to mini monitor mode. As soon as the AIDA64 logo appeared I closed AIDA64. The DPF screen went blank and a few seconds later the DPF disappeared from the system. After disappearing the DPF display stays in mini monitor mode until manually switching at the DPF to mass storage mode.
  22. Samsung never shows anything under Display Adapters. Only Samsung USB Display Adapters for approxiamtely 5 seconds before the disconnect happens.
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