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  1. Same issue here. When I try to rename an icon on the desktop, it exits the rename process (control loses focus) in just a few seconds...If I close AIDA icon renaming works again. Later Edit: And i found the issue. In Sensor Panel settings, if you disable "Keep SensorPanl the topmost window", will solve the problem...Not exactly a fix, but at least a work-around. Maybe will help Devs to find a better solution with next updates.
  2. I have the same problem with Ryzen Mater and Aida64 with same system spec Asus Dark Hero + 5900X. I was playing with AIDA 64 sensor panel and the temperature varies between what sensor you chose to display. If you select "CPU" in AIDA, on Idle, the temp between Ryzen Mater and AIDA64 are the same, but on full load it's that +10 degrees difference in Ryzen Master vs AIDA64. If in AIDA64 you select CPU Diode to display temperature form (or CPU Package), on Idle Ryzen Master will show 10 degrees lower (in my case 38C) while Aida64 shows 48C..but on full load they will both shows same temperature... So yes, this is strange for me also and i'm not quite sure what sensor to display in AIDA64 to be consistent with Ryzen Mater on both Idle and Load...
  3. I'm also interested in this. Got the Corsair H150i Elite Capellix as well and hopping to see it integrated into AIDA64. I guess most of us are interested in the fans RPM. The pump RPM we get from the motherboard and the thermal of the pump is of no importance as we get the CPU temperature already in AIDA. As you know the fans with this are connected to the Commander Core and can be 6 of them PWM controlled in this device. Considering corsair iCue is reading all those values from the commander core, it should be a way to find out the protocol to communicate with the device... Anyway, looking forward for this feature.. Good luck.
  4. I'm interested in this feature as well..It's currently impossible to display in a given place, centered, a number that fluctuates from 0 to 100 %
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